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First Thing To Do After Getting Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

When you back home with a brand new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, I am sure you have few things to do for the new mobile phone.

For example, charge the battery for 8 hours continuously for the first time (otherwise, the “new” battery life will fade quicker than suppose).

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - good features and defects
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - good features and defects

Then, transfer all the contacts, messages, notes, calendar entries, etc, from the old to new phone. Finally, customize the settings for personal feel.

However, with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, you might need one extra, unusual step – remove the bundled 8GB microSD memory card and format the phone with *#7370# secret code.

After phone restarts, configure the country, date and time. Then, power off the phone, reinsert the microSD memory card, power on the phone again and you’re done.

What will happen if you’ve not done this “unusual” step?

Well, you will likely suffer the “expired certificate” nightmare whenever install Adobe Reader LE 2.5 (trialware) from Nokia Download! application and most of the wonderful Symbian freeware and games from Nokia HK website.
I encountered the “expired certificate” problem on Nokia 5800 that bundle a 8GB microSD card inserted to the phone out of box, running firmware version 11.0.008 (software version date 09-12-2008, custom version 11.0.008.blue.01).

If you happen to have this Nokia touch touch baby with the same configuration of mine, you likely have the same “expired certificate” bug that kept me nervous for days.

If you already have this Nokia touchscreen phone for days or weeks and frustrated with the annoyed message that says “Certificate may not yet be valid, is expired or phone’s date setting may be incorrect”, you’ve no choice but to go through this “silly” process.

Unless, you’re ready to give up installing additional Symbian freeware and games that make this touchscreen-based Nokia phone even attractive than the pricy Nokia N96 (or the bulky Apple iPhone).

As the *#7370# code prepares the phone into a factory default mode as well as deleting all user data files and settings, it’s better to do this “great” job when you take this phone out of the box.

Whether you’re just taking the touchscreen phone out of box or you already using it for days, refer to the earlier post on “How to fix Nokia 5800 expired certificate error during sis installation” if you would like to follow my “lousy” guide.

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    […] to snap screenshots and automatically save the screenshots to user-defined storage (phone memory or microSD memory card). On top of that, the Best ScreenSnap setting page allows user to define screenshot default quality […]

  2. Crispy Papaya 07-02-09@23:41

    PERFECT!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  3. Finian 01-03-09@21:07

    This worked great thank you very much

  4. irfan kanth 06-05-09@16:09


  5. nel 29-06-09@17:22

    hello 5800 users, can anyone help me with my problem regarding on my cellphone N5800?….Everytime i play video file on my cell, i cant see anything on screen even it plays, and also when i try to play videos on youtube, i cant even see anything on my screen while playing….plzz.. help… “could anyone share a backup files for nokia5800?” or do anyone have answer regarding this matter… tnx in advance

  6. ernest 21-08-09@07:05

    If I do this I won’t be able to install additional Symbian freeware and games, am I correct?

  7. Walker 21-08-09@21:12

    At the time of writing the post, not this comment, you will able to install additional Symbian software if you have performed this “procedure”

  8. amine 24-01-10@01:56

    hi, i have a probelem on my 5800, when am listening to music and i receive a call my cell restart, and some time while am listening to music, songs stat to change what can i do to that probelem?

  9. Munish Awasthi 04-03-10@14:05

    hi…. I had installed sms timer for nokia 5800 firstly it was running very fine but after formatting the phone i cant able to use that particular application…. i had installed but its not working…. and many of other applications also…. :(

  10. sytech 13-04-10@15:42

    hi… please remember that this is a hard reset and it will remove all existing inputted data, installed applications and set settings.

  11. Tanya 29-06-10@17:32

    Goodday, I am trying to download mxit and facebook onto my Nokia 5800. But when I do this my phone says insufficient memory and I do have a 4 gig memory card in the phone. Please any suggestions might help.



  12. Walker 01-07-10@15:06

    I guess some of the installed apps pre-occupy memory storage.

    If you have Ovi Maps installed, can you try this and let me know if it helps:

    1) Open Ovi Maps, go to Settings and then Maps

    2) Reduce the Maximum memory used.

    To check the memory card usage:

    1) Click the menu key (center; white color key)

    2) Click options, Memory details, and then Memory card.

    Good luck.

  13. Sourabh Truely Nokia 08-07-10@16:59

    Goin to do it right now.
    HOPE IT Will work to me as other friends said here.I was really exhausted seeing long procedures like installing “HellOX”, signing self certificste n bla…bla….HUMBUG!!!!

    THANKS to YOU. MY NOKIA 5800 reincarn..

    ANY body knows how 2 make apps for nokia 5800.!!!!HELP

  14. gretchen 11-07-10@15:09

    after i installed the themes in my 5800 xpressmusic phone it doesnt appear in installed application thats why i cannot removed it if i dont want the themes wat can i do

  15. Sumit 14-07-10@04:28

    even though i charge my n5800 to its fullest every morning its battery charge sucks up very fast and the mobile get switched off till the evening…without much usage…help??

  16. Walker 14-07-10@17:15

    Press the white button (middle key) until “Open Applications” pops up.

    You should only have Home Screen and Menu icons there. If there are more than that, those additional programs running at background could be responsible for your case. Otherwise, get a new battery for test.

  17. rufa 08-11-10@14:49

    good day.
    i would just want to inquire about my phone’s problem. i tried to reset my lock code and it changed. but i cant use it after because it doesnt accept any code now even the default 12345 code. even after it restart. any suggestion please? thanks.

  18. hannah 11-11-10@06:53

    hi , i have a problem with my nokia 5800 , i cant call out or text when i do try 2 make a call it says note: active diverts call rejected :S i tryed changing the divert calls it just says request not compleated , help !

  19. muthuvel 03-01-11@23:29

    i bought my nokia 5800 on April 2009.
    still now no problem with the memory card.
    but now the 8gb card in not accessed buy the phone.
    the phone does not detects the card.
    how to overcome the problem?
    the card is not detected by the system also.
    i tried it via a card reader.
    all in vain.
    please HELP

  20. Walker 04-01-11@00:31

    what else can you do if the memory is faulty?

  21. Rodrigo Diaz 11-02-12@12:15

    The music player is not working in my 5800 phone. How can I make it work?

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