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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Alarm Clock Is Great!

The Nokia 5800 alarm clock is better than my old N73 in term of functionality, which I personally would like to highlight these as “Great” and “Must-have” features.

Although it failed me once (because there was an unread SMS came in while the phone is in auto-lock and low battery mode?), it works so far.

Unlike N73, Nokia 5800 supports multiple alarm clocks. Better still, you’re allowed to name each of the alarm clocks if you want to, so that they appear with a meaningful description in the alarm clock list.

Next, the alarm clock supports repeated mode with four hardcoded options and one semi-custom option. For example, you could configure an alarm clock to repeat the triggering within 24 hours, on daily, weekly, or workday basis.

To add new alarm clock in Nokia 5800, click the clock/time display on home screen – Alarms – Options – New Alarm – enter alarm time (default value taken from the last setup), description (name of the alarm clock), repeated mode – Done.

You might wonder what the workday will be. Well, this is a semi-custom option where user could define own set of workdays from the list of weekday (i.e. Monday to Sunday). By default, the workdays are Mon-Fri.

N73 doesn’t support snooze function but Nokia 5800 alarm clock has not excluded this wanted feature and it allows me to set the snooze interval from 1 to 60 minutes.

To define workday and snooze interval, click the clock/time display – Options – Settings – scroll down the list to look for “Alarm snooze time” and “Workdays” settings – select your own set of workdays from the list and expected alarm clock snoozing time.

It’s even intuitive and fantastic to be able snoozing the ringing alarm clock by just “overturn” the phone – by turning Nokia 5800 so that the screen display faces down. (I like the concept that makes use of accelerometer sensor settings.)

To configure accelerometer sensor settings to snooze alarm clock, click the Menu key – Settings – Phone – Sensor Settings – set Sensor to ON – Tuning Control – select snoozing alarms and press OK.

You could also configure the accelerometer sensor settings to mute or silence phone call ringtone (by facing the screen display towards the floor) and auto-rotate screen display as you positioning screen display in vertical, horizontal, or landscape view.

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  1. Nina 30-06-09@06:49

    Thanks for the reviews. Does your alarm clock work when your phone is turned off? Mine doesn’t – should I change some settings or is there something else I missed?

  2. Walker 30-06-09@21:58

    Well, I believe there is a bug with the Nokia 5800 alarm clock function.

    Sometimes, the alarm just doesn’t work, no matter the phone is turned on or off. Because of this, I set an alarm that triggers before my normal sleeping hour, that’s 23:59, hoping to know it will or will not work on the next morning.

    But, that would probably crash a plane. Guess what, I off it while boarding a near midnight flight and it alarmed after flying an hour, I am not sure had that exposed some or little interference when the alarm on :-).

  3. Nina 03-07-09@06:01

    Thanks! I noticed the same thing. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Plus the phone freezed twice after ending the calls. The screen was black and didn’t respond to anything. I had to take out the battery to make it work again. I’m taking it back to the store next week and I want a new one – since I’ve only had it for a week. :) I like the phone otherwise… :)

  4. Leo2372 01-08-09@23:40

    hey,if i want the alarm to ring super loud and not gradually build can i do dat?…is there a setting i need to configure?…plz help

  5. Yelena 19-08-09@10:34

    hey i need to set up my alarm like:
    Monday 6.30am
    Tuesday 6.00am
    Wed 6.30am
    Thurs 6.00 am
    Fri 6.30am.
    how i can do that without switching them every evening?

  6. ehsan 06-09-09@02:29

    my 5800 clock is very bad it dose not work any time example i set it to ringing at 9 am and it rings at 10:10 am !!!!

  7. Soheil 27-12-09@12:47

    Hi, i have the same problem too, When i bought my F***ing nokia 5800 it seems really cool perfect music player, nice screen, good internet surfing and much more, there was some problem for sure (like crash out from the Internet Browser some times ) but it was ok.. till i found out that some times this little creature don’t likes to ring!!!!! and not for once, MANY MANY times like today that i had an appointment and i set 2 alarms, and it did not even try to make a little NOISE for me! WHY? i always make sure to install latest updates but it still have this ridiculous bug, i will never trust this crap for reminding anything…

  8. Michael 06-01-10@07:01

    I have two problems with this phone.

    Firstly when I set an alarm and it goes off, i click the red button and it goes into snooze, i’ve tried every button but for some reason it wont just stop when i want it too.

    Secondly, when I get an incoming call I try to answer it but again it won;t let me answer the call which, as you can probably tell, is REALLY annoying.

    Thank you for your help :)

  9. Todd 14-01-10@22:55

    I find it pretty good, but I have a few gripes.

    – You can’t set different tones for different alarms. Not massively important, but I’d at least like the option.
    – You can set workdays, but not weekends. The sense shown in having the first only shows up the foolishness of not having the other.

  10. flare solar 11-02-10@06:26

    Hi Michael, you have to slide/sweap and not trying to push the sensor keys.

  11. jinny 03-08-10@21:35

    N73 is better in terms of waking me up, it rings continously till u press the snooze button, the 5800xm rings for like 20 seconds and it auto snoozes, not good for deep sleepers

  12. ‘Na 07-11-10@06:38

    michael : mine does it too =(

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