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Writing Nokia 5800 Defects Sheet

Nothing is perfect. Nokia 5800 is of no exception, for sure. Because of the alarm clock bug that caused me woke up late this morning, I’m here to write a dedicated defects sheet for this touch touch baby.

First defect: The Nokia 5800 alarm clock might not trigger on time to ring me up, when there are new (unread) SMS reach the phone after turning on auto-lock feature.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - good features and defects
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - good features and defects

I managed to trigger this “bug” after reaching office with a low-battery mode. However, this silly bug seems not trigger now (after battery charged to full bar?).

2nd defect: I’m sure you’re pissed off with the main camera capture setting menu while focusing on a dark object. Because the icon descriptive text appears as black on a transparent background, it’s very difficult to tell what function is indicated by that icon if the picture composition share a same colour tone of icon text.

3rd defect: Main camera without cover to protect the Carl Zeiss optics.

4th defect: The kinda soft phone casing (though it’s light) and not-resistant to fingerprint (not good for people with oily skin like myself).

5th defect: Adobe Reader and QuickOffice Reader are not installed by default. However, you may download the freeware via the Download! module inbuilt to the phone. (Since Nokia 5800 supports WLAN, it’s no big deal if you could access a free public WIFI or office network for downloading without worry of paying hefty data packet cost charged by telco.)

6th defect: Not support geotagging out of the box (I really sick of lacking this feature) :-(

7th defect: Doesn’t include Nokia Sport Tracker (another feature that I really like to have) :-(

8th defect: The way to seat the battery into slot has potential to lead careless people scratching the main camera optics and/or dual-LED flash by accident.

9th defect: It could be quite confusing to put in or remove SIM card and microSD card without reading the manual.

Is the defect sheet complete? I hope that’s all and I’m really looking forward a latest Nokia software update that address firmware bugs and put in missing feature (e.g. geotag and Nokia Sport Tracker to utilize GPS function of the phone).

(I’m bit regret for having this touch touch baby too early. I should wait for the nth batch or the 4th touchscreen-based mobile phone of Nokia, i.e. Nokia N97 that should be delivered on 1st half of 2009.)

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  3. Walker 22-01-09@23:21

    The Nokia Download! application can download and install both Adobe Reader LE 2.5 and QucikOffice version 4.2.325.

    However, Adobe Reader LE 2.5 is only installed as a trialware that valid for 15 days. To extend its life or remove the 15 days usage limitation, you’ve to purchase a valid unlock code :-(

    The 10th defects – the “expired certificate” nightmare when installing Symbian freeware and game, such as those hosted at Nokia HK or the Adobe Reader LE 2.5.

    (To fix the expired certificate issue, follow the link in the entry before this comment – How to fix Nokia 5800 Expired Certificate error.)

  4. Sam 11-02-09@18:03

    In my Nokia 5800 xpressmusic, rotating not on time. why?

  5. Charles 11-02-09@22:42

    Alarm sounds EVEN IF ON SILENT!!!!!!!!!!
    there has to be a way to change this… any ideas???

  6. thapa 14-02-09@02:00

    hi all

    funny enough, my 5800 occassionally triggers alarm on the set-time. and mostly it triggers the alarm when I unlock the phone by then i am already woken-up late due to no alarm.

    even firmware upgrade didn’t help this bug.

    this is my last nokia, believe me.

  7. denom 28-02-09@02:52

    This is my last nokia too, believe me. But the author should have known better the definition of the word “defect” before he posts about this. These are either bugs, either unergonomic design .

  8. Walker 28-02-09@11:45
  9. Carl 19-03-09@19:58

    I’m just wondering, why would you put an alarm on in silent mode? An alarm is to be heard? You wouldn’t want a silent alarm would you, lol.

    I don’t think some of these problems are quite that big. Not having the software bundled is not the worst thing. I’m happy with downloading the applications. Some people might not want a large amount of apps already so it’s up to the person with the phone.

  10. HellTune 24-03-09@23:12

    The new firmware v20 fix a lot of those so call ‘defect’. You should try upgrading you 5800 to them. :)

  11. Sahar 03-05-09@17:51

    It is great! It did not work from the first time, but it did in the second time. You are great man, I am from Lebanon and it reached me out here :)

    Thank you so much :-)

  12. Ashu 07-05-09@14:37

    I did not see any of those issues happening with my 5800. Everythin’s amazing.
    The sound quality, connect it to any monster speaker n u will undrstnd wat its got. . .connect it to ur TV n watch movies, play games on TV, the search is awesome, jst stunning and not the least the Browser.. . . abs flawless . . . .
    temme ne phone which can beat this in feature . . . defi it shld hv been muc more thn wat it costs . . .

  13. rae 14-05-09@21:22

    I CANT SEEM TO BRING UP MY CAMERA!!!! No matter how many times i have pressed the camera button or even go to pull it up from my applications :(
    Besides that , everything works great for me, and i was madly in love with it until this happened :/
    P.S.-plz help!!! I CNT LIVE WITHOUT MY 5800!!!!

  14. abdul 17-07-09@09:45

    i missed my class tdy.. Fck alarm damn it

  15. ShoukaT 06-08-09@23:50

    Guys i am thinking of buys this phone
    the only problem with some nokia symbians is bit slow speed
    i wana know about 5800’s speed
    like its interface speed
    and the rotating screen speed?


  16. kornikowaty 29-09-09@15:41

    I found another issue bug on 5800. When you try to set your message view to “sort by”- sender, it will always come back to “sort by date”. it is annoying bug because you cant see history of your correspondences with friend. This bug exist from very first firmware and nobody spot it except me. see if any of you have that problem? reg.

  17. Walker 29-09-09@22:20

    Agree the sorting is not saved :-(

  18. Pelleman 23-11-09@03:27

    When I have an e-mail account set-up (I have automatic fetching) and it fails to connect to the server it seems to corrupt the entire messaging system. It fails to recieve sms. After a restart the missed sms will be recieved but older messages and the entire e-mail account are gone.

    Also the webbrowser is quite unstable. Bad memory handling I guess. It’s based on bad Apple code. Google crome is based on the same webkit, also crap.

  19. Lord T 07-12-09@18:57

    so bad. it’s really bad kind of ph.it’s not compatible.this is my last nokia too.i’ll not buy any nokia product.god bless nokia. :(

    p.s to nokia….
    Please don’t produce any smartphone if you guys are not educated.

  20. beccy 07-01-10@22:51

    the nokia 5800 is the worse phone i think i have ever brought. its slow to respond, the touchscreen is very out of sync and needs to be collaborated constantly, it has ridiculous defects such as turning off randomly, flashing and the lock key has a tendancy to stick. i would strongly advise anyone thinking of purchasing this phone not to as it has end up costing me more money in repairs than a far more capable phone. after this experience i will never be buying a nokia again.

  21. Clau 17-01-10@21:24

    I don’t know about you guys but i’ve got my 5800 xm for 2 months now and i’m happy to say i’m very pleased with it…the touchscreen works just fine for me and never turned off randomly like beccy said…idk it just might be the phone u got that are having these problems? like i said so far i had no problems with it.

  22. David Thorn 28-02-10@22:16

    Worse P.O.S I have ever bought.

    And this guys are not impressed either:

  23. JP 23-05-10@23:32

    I’ve had the 5800 for about 6 months now and my only complaint is that it doesn’t cook my breakfast.

    Other than that I love my 5800. I have it customized the way I want and it works like a dream and runs smooth as butter.

    No complaints here!

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