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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – The Good Features And Defects

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, a.k.a. Nokia Tube before the official launch, marks Nokia 3rd attempt to market touch screen based mobile phone in the arsenal dominated by Apple iPhone and HTC Corp.

While Nokia 7700 has never delivered to consumer hand and its successor Nokia 7710 suffered bad debut, what is your expectation on this Nokia 3rd generation touchscreen baby?

After owning N73 for 2 years, I sold it for 50 EUR to get the Nokia 5800 as replacement at 310 EUR.

With the pre-order terms, I got the Nokia Stereo Headset WH-600 (FOC) and I wish to sell the WH-600 at 35 – 40 EUR (because I hate earphones or kind of).

So, the final cost for me to own this “popular” gadget is about 260 Euros (potentially as low as 220 Euros if the stereo headset sales conclude :-)

What are the good features of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic?

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - good features and defects
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - good features and defects

The price is attractive to me, kinda cheap as compare to other Nokia mobile phones in its sales history, even after excluding the FOC item, which is attractive to music lover and fan of headset. The 3.5mm AV jack allows users to source higher end headset if the bundle of music headset (HS-45, AD-54) fails to perform to expectation.

Together in the box is one 8GB microSD memory card (expandable up to 16GB)!

The touch screen is of course the focus to many who feel boring on keypad. Myself is truly excited, at least for the first few days, to touch here and there, trying to get familiar as soon as possible with multiple input methods via stylus and one (middle) finger :-)

The 4 type of touchscreen-based input methods ensure a good transition for most users who moving from keypad to this touch-touch baby. There is this traditional alphanumeric keypad with predictive input, full and mini QWERTY keyboard (if you are quite well with each key position on laptop or PC keyboard) and the handwriting input (good for Chinese characters).

Next, the 3.2″ (diagonal) ninth HD display (640×360 screen resolution) is nice playing movie on palm while commuting on tube or public transport. While travel, the 3 RCA composite video + audio cable (CA-75U) comes with the box is good enough to playback pictures/movies captured with the 3.2MP Carl Zeiss optics on much bigger LCD TV in hotel room.

Nokia 5800 inbuilt automatic orientation sensor (accelerometer) for display rotation, a common feature that’s found in most other touchscreen devices. With configuration, you can snooze an alarm clock or mute the ringing phone call by turning the touchscreen downward (i.e. to face the screen towards the floor).

Speaking of the alarm clock, there are these repeated and snooze functions. That’s mean you could setup the alarm clock just once and it will repeats the alarm on daily basis. You could also snooze the alarm clock if you don’t want to stop it immediately for the day. (Good for my case :-)

In addition, there is a shortcut to access multiple world clocks (like Windows Vista multiple clock display) – good for those who dealing with business worldwide or frequently travel abroad.
Communication and navigation wise, Nokia 5800 supports GPS/A-GPS, Bluetooth version 2.0, MTP (Mobile Transfer Protocol), WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g, HSDPA, GPRS/EDGE class B, HSCSD, CSD, WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, conference call with up to 6 participants, video call (up to 3h, QCIF 176 x 144 pixels, low up to 5 fps, normal up to 10 fps, smooth up to 15 fps), e-mail protocol (IMAP, POP, SMTP).

(CF Nokia 5800 technical specs)

What are the defects of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic?

These are my personal opinions (which are not documented in Nokia 5800 official technical specs, for sure) and you may or may not agree.

First, there is no geotagging yet (I hope I am wrong at this stage). I hope that there will be a Nokia device software update to make good use of its GPS/A-GPS feature for geotagging support.

Sad to tell that there is no Nokia Sports Tracker support at this stage too :-(.

QuickOffice reader and Adobe Reader LE are both not included too. (Because this is a XpressMusic theme or as a tradeoff of low selling tag?) I think the 3.2″ display is comfortable for reading PDF ebook or MS Office documents.

The way to place the BL-5J battery almost caused me to tamper or scratch both the dual-LED flash and main camera optics. As shown in the photo, the battery pin contact is at opposite position of main camera. When I push the battery contact towards the pin, my fingernails could have broken the main camera and flash (if luck was not with me that day).

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic defect - potentially tamper main camera when placing the battery.
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic defect - potentially tamper main camera when placing the battery.

It could be quite challenging for some people to insert or remove the SIM card (the picture could tells you better the reason). The microSD memory card slot and SIM card slot are actually seated next to each other on the same side of phone, with the same size of slot cover! I wonder how many users had tried to insert SIM card into microSD card slot or vice-versa (before they read the manual).

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic defect - could be difficult for some user to insert and remove SIM card.
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic defect - could be difficult for some user to insert and remove SIM card.

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  1. Writing Nokia 5800 Defects Sheet 14-01-09@00:50

    […] Nokia 5800 Defects Sheet Copyright © Walker 14 Jan 2009 00:50 Nothing is perfect. Nokia 5800 is of no exception, for sure. Because of the alarm clock bug that caused me woke up late this morning, I’m here […]

  2. LIke to keep it anonymous 14-01-09@02:36

    Oh nooooooo u sold away the precious N73.I have always been depending on ur words and loved all about the N73 blogs……..But what comes has to go and then the new technology takes its place:-(

  3. new nokia user 04-06-09@07:37

    I like this phone. Some minor grumbles.

    1. The mini usb that plugs in the top is unique.. Poor show Nokia considering the U in usb stands for universal.

    2. The incuded plectrum on a strap is way too long, theres no way to shorten it and it can unexpectantly slip off the hook under the battery cover. Well mine did…

    I’m done

  4. Eddie 11-07-09@23:00

    Plz help me, i’m of the fool who inserted the MicroSd card in the Sim card slot. Now my microSD is stuck!!! Unlike yours my nokia 5800 does not have the cut out section below the battery.

  5. jiten shah 03-09-09@10:21

    I am buying a new Xpress music 5800
    i just wanna know that as if it does not have QuickOffice reader and Adobe Reader LE
    can they be installed later? if yes pls mail me the sis/jar

    also are the motion sensing games available with 5800?are they available for free download

    Waiting for your reply.

  6. liang 10-11-09@18:26

    Got same same experiences (bad)
    Would like to ask other users:
    Should the BL-5J battery’s plastic base was only fixed in position by the nokia paper label that the plastic base could fall out as a result of “paper cement” being worn out? And this is by design?

  7. Eddie 14-01-10@14:16

    Hello am eddie , my mobile got freezed when sending a message is it normal

  8. menoortina 18-01-11@15:16

    hi all

    am planing on buying the nokia 5800 the design is amazing
    would lov it in pink,,but there 1 thing bothering me..is there availabile themes for the phone?

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