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Will TRK Failed If User Cannot Change Password Option Is Set?

Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK) is a pocketsize, tiny Live CD Linux distribution packed with many useful utilities by Tom Kerremans (a.k.a. Harakiri). Few of these cool Linux utilities are such as winpass shell scripts, chntpw, and Captive NTFS driver wrapper.

For those Windows owners who forget the account password and find no Windows password reset disk to unlock, TRK winpass is certainly a good password reset toolkit.

Hiding all the tedious steps which otherwise require one to type relatively “complicated” and lengthy Linux command line syntax, TRK winpass provides a simple menu interface that everyone can easily follow to reset the forgotten Windows account password.

Best of all, it works on Windows Vista SP1, even that is the hidden Administrator account which is disabled at out of the box can be enabled or reset to an empty password as you like.

As soon as the real Vista Administrator account is unlocked, it’s not problem anymore to reset other Windows accounts.

The chntpw utility (the actual program called by TRK winpass to deal with Windows accounts) is able to unlock a account that’s locked after number of invalid login attempts.

However, what if the User cannot change password option is turned on, can you use TRK to reset that particular Windows account?

The answer is absolutely YES, as shown in the follow screencast taking on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 running in Virtual PC (visit WalkerNewsdotnet Channel for High Quality video):

With this in mind, I’ve decided to enable the real Vista Administrator account and give it a strong password, on top of the BIOS password protection.

I’ll login all Windows accounts to ensure none of these accounts has been reset to blank or new password, as a measure to prevent internal bad guys from using the TRK or sort of to gain access to my Vista machine and install keylogger / Trojan into it.

Of course, they could simply unplug the hard disk for the same purpose easily. To make it harder, use disk encryption software. Even the Vista Ultimate Bitlocker Drive Encryption could be too hard to break for most ordinary geeks and keep them away (for a while).

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