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Create Animated Display Picture For MSN Or Windows Live Messenger

I kinda like the Muggin, a dynamic avatar that changes accordingly to express my emotion in messages where emoticon is used.

When I send a smiley, the Muggin “smile”; as I type and send :@, “smoke” emits from its ears; the Muggin “cry” as I send a message with :-( emoticon; he shows you an astonished look when a :-o emoticon is sent; and he could whisper love when I send (L).

When I am idle, he is not. Indeed, he blinks his eyes repeatedly at a fix interval.

So, if you’re not prefer to show off pretty portrait in MSN or Windows Live Messenger, but would like to charm new contacts with a virtual representation, Muggin could be better choice than an ordinary avatar / Gravatar that is static.

Look on this screencast below that might help you visualize better about how does Muggin animates in respond to few supported, common emoticons in Windows Live Messenger:

How to create an animated display picture (the Muggin) for Windows Live Messenger?

Muggin is free (so far)!

1) Access to Microsoft i’m initiative link (with Internet Explorer).

Kiwee partners with i’m initiative by providing one male and one female avatar that both can be further customize by a combination of hair-style, attire, colour, etc.

When you complete the customization (optional) and is ready to click the Download button, log in completely to Windows Live Messenger. The download button will automatically download and install the Muggin for signed-in MSN.

2) Access to Kiwee.com (with IE) and look for the animated display picture for MSN / Windows Live Messenger.

For example, the Laporte, Snowman, Starry Sky, Christmas Angel, Beagle Puppy, etc.

For those who is using Yahoo Messenger or AIM, Kiwee animated display picture (Muggin) supports both of these IM apps too. So, enjoy yourself.

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