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How To Create Muggin For MSN Or Windows Live Messenger Display Picture?

I stumbled upon Muggin in Microsoft i’m initiative site. As the first line read, “Represent yourself with a Muggin”, I thought it’s another name of avatar (such as Gravatar) that Microsoft “invents” it for Windows Live Messenger.

However, the Muggin is not as simple as avatar. And Muggin is a Kiwee product, not Microsoft. The notable feature of a Muggin is that it animates according to some of the common emoticons used in your IM messages.

As part of i’m initiative, Kiwee partner with Windows Live Messenger to allow MSN user choose the male or female avatar and then customize the look and feel – hair-style, t-shirt with logo of social cause organization, pants, shoe, cap / hat, watch, cell phone, belt, eyeglass, and colour.

If you would like to change the MSN display picture, you likely find this animated avatar is cool and fun to serve as an alternative. After all, it’s free of cost is and somewhat recommended by Microsoft.

How to create Muggin for MSN display picture?

Follow this link to create a Muggin for your Windows Live Messenger or MSN display picture.

I’m not sure (unless I’ve tried) that a non-IE web browser is able to create and “install” the Muggin. As with my test, it was IE7 running in Protected Mode.

Once the Muggin customization (optional) completes, make sure you log in to Windows Live Messenger before click the Download button.

Finally, the new animated display picture can only be seen by your MSN contacts if your MSN status is NOT set to “appear online”.

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  2. Alexis 25-06-10@09:05

    The link used to make a Muggins doesn’t work.

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