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How Easy To Change WordPress 2.7 Post Permalink With Post Slug

If WordPress is setup to use “Pretty Permalink”, then the weblog software automatically convert the post title into a permanent URL of the post or page (i.e. the Permalink). Although the permalink is not necessary contains the exact words in post title (due to simplification / truncation logic).

If you have a reason to change the default “Pretty Permalink”, WordPress allows you to edit or change the permalink, just as you wish.

For example, I change the permalink of earlier post “How To Change Google Chrome User Agent String?” by eliminating version number

Prior to WordPress 2.5 (that I know), the post slug feature allows blogger to define an alternative post title which is then referred and converted into a permalink of the post.

Then, WordPress 2.5 (and 2.6, if not mistaken) removed the post slug button from weblog interface. As a replacement, the “edit” link of Permalink was used for the purpose.

Now, post slug make a “hidden” comeback in latest WordPress 2.7. As compare to edit the “Pretty Permalink” directly, post slug allows user to write an alternative post title as normal, without worry about the dash character that form the permalink structure.

As mentioned, WordPress 2.7 doesn’t show Post Slug interface by default. In order to display Post Slug text box, click the “Screen Option” on upper-right corner (below the Log Out link), select “Post Slug” and look for the Post Slug input box at bottom of post editor:

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  1. Farm 01-05-09@09:28

    Thanks for posting this. Very easy. Finally updated WordPress and immediately missed the slug option while writing new posts and pages. Now I have a reason to update and add content to my other blogs. The new 2.7 interface is otherwise pretty slick.

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