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WordPress 2.6 Presents The Matrix Easter Egg

According to Donncha, the WordPress 2.6 Matrix Easter Egg is new to him. So am I. If not his post appears in News feed, I wouldn’t know there is such an intentional hidden message in WordPress.

The Easter Egg themed after The Matrix movie has been known for months, is exists in WordPress version 2.6 and betas of version 2.7.

I am not sure is this Easter Egg exists in WordPress MU (otherwise registered bloggers of WordPress.com could also try to trigger the hidden function) or the code will be continue exists in final release of WordPress 2.7. If you’ve the answer and don’t mind to share the findings, please leave a comment.

Anyway, you may “disable” the Matrix Easter Egg by turning off Post Revision In WordPress 2.6, which is the trigger point of showing this Easter Egg.

Trigger WordPress 2.6 Matrix Easter Egg

If you have access to WordPress 2.6 weblog, you may try to activate the WordPress Matrix Easter Egg with these few steps:
  1. Edit a post, be it new or archive, so long as the Post Revisions (at bottom of page) has at least one entry.
  2. Click either one of the entries and it will redirect you to next page.
  3. Scroll down to bottom again, select Current Revision entry (the radio buttons of the entry are both selected, as shown in the follow screenshot), and click the Compare Revisions button.

How to activate the Matrix Easter Egg in WordPress 2.6?
How to activate the Matrix Easter Egg in WordPress 2.6?

Soon after you click the Compare Revisions button, the Matrix Easter Egg appears, initiated with message that says “Self-comparison detected. Initiating infinite loop eschewal protocol. Self destruct in 3…2…1”.

Finally, there is the classic Matrix theme (blank and green) that shows “Wake Up, Walker…The Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit. Don’t let this happen again. Go Back.”

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  1. usws 12-08-09@01:33

    Cool.. but you can never escape the matrix! O_o

  2. i-cute 03-02-10@13:43

    dang! i tot my wp was hacked when i first experienced it lol! i still dont understand why this kind of things exist in wp, all i know the makers are just make fun of it..like easter eggs for facebook =)

  3. Mo 16-07-10@11:50

    Thank you for the informaion.

    I got this today and thought the site was infected

    …and spent several hours to scan my conputer and server lol.

  4. Jeff 19-08-10@07:05

    Not very funny….
    It took me 0.002 seconds to slam my entire site and firewall into complete lockdown when ‘the rabbit’ appeared!
    I was sure a plugin had done something evil.

    Guess I’ll go for a smoke and calm down now… :)

    rotten easter egg…..

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