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How To Reset Router Modem Password Before Sending It For Warranty Claim?

Do you know that your broadband router modem stores at least two sets of login ID. As with my latest DLINK DSL-2542B, there are 3 sets of router modem login ID (admin, support, and user; built-in ID of router modem firmware) and 1 set of ADSL broadband Internet login ID (given by ISP to access ADSL broadband Internet and bundled services, e.g. email, news portal, game, personal website, etc).

You may know (if you configure the modem) or may not know (if you know nothing about router modem configuration) that the router modem login ID and password allows technician or yourself to configure and maintain the router modem settings, e.g. ADSL login and password, NAT port forwarding, UPnP, QoS, Firewall, firmware update, etc.

So, if you forget the router modem password or return the router modem back to seller for warranty claim, please remember to reset the router modem to the factory default settings!

By then, you can login again with the out-of-box password and the technician/seller will not easily find out both of your router modem and ADSL login password.

To reset (DLINK DSL-2542B) router modem to the factory default settings, ensure the router is powered on, press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds, and try to log in the modem after 1 minute with the out-of-box password:

Most router modem has a reset button at the back of chassis, to restore factory default settings. It is useful if you forget the router modem login password.
Most router modem has a reset button at the back of chassis, to restore factory default settings. It is useful if you forget the router modem password.

Note of resetting router modem to the factory defaults:

1) All settings (router modem login/password, ADSL login/password, port-forward, etc) will be “erased”. Therefore, you have to reconfigure the router modem all over again before it can online to Internet.

2) The process reset the router modem password back to out-of-box password (e.g. ID=admin, password=admin), if you forget what password you’ve set for the router modem login ID.

3) The process erase the ADSL login stored in router modem and not actually reset the ADSL login that maintained at your ISP server. That’s to say, if you forget the ADSL login, only the ISP can reset it for you.

4) I believe there is no way to recover user-settings after the “factory reset”, unless you’ve studied the router firmware coding (most router modem firmware uses embedded Linux OS with GNU GPL) and point out the cache of such settings that are not resettable. Please leave a comment if you’ve the info.

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