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How To Know My Gmail Account Has Been Hacked By Keylogger?

There are chances of somebody access to your Gmail or Google Account without prior notice sent to acknowledge you.

If you’ve recently login Gmail with a public computer at cyber cafe or a Internet-enabled system that is not administrated by you (e.g. office Desktop/Laptop that you don’t have root access privilege), remember to keep an eye at your Gmail account activities.

It doesn’t matter you’re login Gmail with HTTPS connection or Remote Desktop back to your secured system at home/office, a software keylogger running as service or hardware keylogger chip seated inside Desktop keyboard can easily recording all keystrokes pressed or capturing screen when you about to copy and paste the password in login form.

After your Google Account is hacked by keylogger, they are not likely to change your password for fun. Instead, the hackers will like to access your Gmail silently for other activities that interest them, e.g. confidential emails, social networks, accounting related login such as online banking, PayPal, eBay auction, etc.

So, how could you tell if someone has accessed your Gmail recently?

Login to your Gmail and look at the bottom of page. There you read a statement similar to this

Last account activity: 25 minutes ago on this computer. Details
(as shown in the screenshot below; highlighted in light-blue color):

Gmail account activity may able to tell if you Google Account has been hacked by a keylogger.
Gmail account activity may able to tell if you Google Account has been hacked by a keylogger.

Click the Details hyperlink, a pop-up page will shows you the table of Google Account login details – Access Type, IP Address, and Date/Time when those login took place.

At the bottom of Detail page, there is your current computer IP address that you can take note for next login audit (keep a habit of conducting login audit whenever you login to Gmail):

This computer is using IP address

The IP Address of computer that you normally use to access Gmail is not likely changes (frequently). If it’s an office computer that access to Internet via proxy server, that WAN IP is rather fixed than dynamic. Even if your home broadband Internet with dynamic WAN IP is less likely to change rapidly.

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