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How To Send Program File Or Large Attachment to Any Email Account?

With the embedding object feature in Microsoft Word or Excel, you can easily trick the email attachment filtering system to relay emails with program file attachments.

However, the drawbacks are that we can’t tell when the email attachment scanner will be smarter or more advanced to detect / reject embedded object in these Microsoft Office documents, it definitely cannot trick the email server to relay an email if the attachment size larger than the defined limit.

In addition, Microsoft Word or Excel is not freeware, expensive, not all users are using Microsoft Office, etc.

To overcome all these limitations, Lycos Mail is the best choice (at least for this time being, as I know)!

The new, free Lycos Mail allows user to send email attachment of any program file type and size to any email accounts, regardless it’s Hotmail / Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, office email accounts hosted by Microsoft Exchange Server or qmail, etc, provided the following points are valid:
  1. You have Lycos Mail account,
  2. Your Lycos Mail address is not in the recipient’s spammer mail listing,
  3. The recipient can download the email attachments hosted by Lycos Mail file server,
  4. Your Lycos Mail account has not exceeded the “sending mail limit”, as stated here:

    Lycos Mail send mail limit and account locked issue.
    Lycos Mail send mail limit and account locked issue.

    Where all Lycos Mail account types allowed to send unlimited sized attachment, but the Basic type is restricted to 100 emails sending out per day, 25 recipients per email, maximum 250 recipients per day you can send to with single Lycos Mail account, whichever limit is triggered.
  5. Always use “Attach a BIG file” option to send executable program file or the attachment file is larger than the allowed limit of recipient’s email account storage.
    Doesn’t matter your attachment is actually less than 20MB. At least for this time being, Lycos Mail allows me to use the BIG file attachment option even if the program files is only around 60KB.

Lycos Mail host all the attachments uploaded by “Attach a BIG file” option on their file servers and insert the attachment download links into the emails sent to recipients.

So, regardless which email service provider the recipient is using or how advanced the attachment filtering system can be, there is no attachments to scan for.

That’s why, Lycos Mail can send program files or very large attachment (indeed, it’s unlimited) to Gmail, Hotmail / Windows Live Mail, Yahoo! Mail, office email accounts, etc.

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