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Create Mosaic Or Polaroid Photo Effects Online With PixiSnap

An ordinary photo/graphic could have second chance to express artistic impression with the help of advanced, ubiquitous digital image editing software/web services.

So, when you’re bored by your Facebook profile picture or background image used in MySpace home page, think about tuning it with a style of charcoal/pencil sketch, burn-paper edge, frame, paper texture, sepia, etc.

If you’re on the move or travel without a personal laptop running the expensive Photoshop, there are many online image editing services to meet your craving to a certain extent.

And PixiSnap is one of these web services, with tagline saying “With PixiSnap, all you have to do is visualize and we will pixelize!

So long as you’re online (be it with Windows, Linux, Mac, or smart phone), you can easily apply mosaic or Polaroid effect on photos by following simple instructions described in just 3 steps:

PixiSnap - online web service to create mosaic or Polaroid effects on photos.
PixiSnap - online web service to create mosaic or Polaroid effects on photos.

Once the artwork done, as a result of interaction, you can download it for safe-keeping, save it to online gallery for sharing with others, get HTML code to embed the artwork to social networking sites or weblogs (MySpace, Facebook, WordPress, Friendster, Orkut, Blogger, iGoogle, LiveJournal, Mutliply, etc).

If you’re not happy with the effects, just do it again or send them a “bug report” – it’s in Beta and your suggestion make the free service goes better and longer.

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