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Google Chrome Memory Usage Is Better Than IE7 And Firefox

Google Chrome is not only efficient in handling flash video cache but is also good in memory utilization.

If your system often runs out of free memory or you are habitually open many web links in new tabbed browser window (not bother to read and close it before open another URL in the current page, like a typical me), do consider to browse happily with Google Chrome. It’s really worth to try, but no refund if you’re not happy with it (as it’s absolutely free of charge)!

To examine CPU and memory utilization of active web browsers, use the Google Chrome Task Manager or Google Chrome memory diagnostic page.

To access the browser’s Task Manager, right click on Google Chrome title bar or the task bar icon and select Task Manager option from the right-click menu.

To access the memory diagnostic page, type about:memory in Google Chrome Address bar and press ENTER.
Google Chrome Task Manager only reports processes related to Google Chrome itself. The memory diagnostic, however, provides summary of memory usage of all active web browsers.

While this following screenshot was taken, there are two Google Chrome open with a total of 52 tabbed windows (i.e. 52 web pages; each tabbed window = 1 web page), three IE 7 with a total of 8 tabbed windows, and one Firefox 3 with a total of 6 tabbed windows:

Google Chrome memory utilization is more efficient than IE 7 and Firefox 3.x
Google Chrome memory utilization is more efficient than IE 7 and Firefox 3.x

Although not all three active browsers are opening the same web pages, all of them have been running more than 24 hours and used to browse all type of web pages.

According to tooltips, the Private Memory described as resident memory that is not shared with any other process and is the best indicator of browser memory resource usage.

Now, considering the number of pages open in respective web browsers, and the belief of memory usage reported by Google Chrome memory diagnostic page is without bias (i.e. the about:memory), do you agree that Google Chrome is more efficient in utilizing the memory (and thus suggest Google Chrome has better performance than IE 7 and Firefox 3.x)? Have you says, please.

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  1. Kyle Connors 15-04-09@10:24

    Actually, you can tweak Firefox to release memory when minimized and you could assign a lesser memory cache. if you have memory issues, this will decrease memory usage significantly when browsing

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