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Nokia N73 Unable Activate N73 Mass Storage Mode?

When you connect the Nokia N73 to computer USB port via Pop-Port interface cable (CA-53), the data cable connection mode pops up and you make a decision to use Mass Storage mode (i.e. to use Nokia N73 memory card as a USB drive directly, without accessing the Nokia PC Suite).

After a while, another message printed on screen, suggested that N73 is “Unable to activate mass storage mode. Memory card is in use by Messaging application. Change the selected memory in Messaging settings first.”

Now, what you could do? Well, the message printed includes error (the reason of failure) and solution to fix the error reported.

If you have configured N73 to use Mini SD memory card as storage media for its Messaging application (e.g. SMS, MMS, Email, etc), you have to temporarily reset it back to phone memory and retry the Mass Storage mode:
  • Click the Menu key to access Menu screen and then access to Messag.
  • While in Messaging screen, click the Options menu followed by Settings menu
  • In Settings screen, scroll through the list of menu to access Other option
  • Go to Memory In Use and change the Messaging storage media form memory card (e.g. N73SD, the memory card description I’ve set) to Phone Memory. Click OK to save the change.

How to configure N73 to use phone memory or external memory card as Messaging storage media?
How to configure N73 to use phone memory or external memory card as Messaging storage media?

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  1. jake ocampo 26-08-09@16:49

    the on-screen photo process ain’t working?…. =(

  2. zboy 21-06-11@01:44

    i have problem to connect nokia n73 to pc. my pc used windows 7.i have connect the phone by using cable ca53 and it say mass storage mode activated but no data appears on the computer.

  3. shahnawaz hussain 11-12-11@03:07

    I have a nokia n73, when i start the phone its ask security code, i forget my code
    please help me

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