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How To Instantly Access Nokia N73 Memory Card As USB Drive?

If you simply want to copy files to or from the memory card in Nokia N73, there are two ways to do it but both methods do not require installation of Nokia PC Suite.

The first and simple way is by removing the Mini SD card from Nokia N73 and access the memory card via a card reader. Some modern laptops built with such card reader that normally support multiple flash memory card formats.

As one of the expensive Nokia NSeries smart phone, N73 allows add / remove memory card in online mode. To remove memory card while N73 powered on, press the power button and select “Remove Mem. Card” option from the quick menu.

Alternatively, press the Menu key, go to Tools and then Memory. While in Memory Card screen, go to Options and select “Remove Mem. Card”.

Wait for the Remove Memory Card and press “OK” message printed on screen, then you may proceed to remove the Mini SD card and then only press OK. Once you’ve done with the memory card, simply insert it back to N73 Mini SD card slot gently (without needs of power it off).

If there is no card reader to access the Mini SD card, what you could do? Well, the N73 itself is a ready card reader. Indeed, N73 supports USB mass storage mode.

So long as the OS supports USB mass storage device (e.g. Windows Vista SP1 on my home Desktop and Dell Latitude; supposing that most modern OSes such Mac OS X, RHEL, etc, is able to detect and access it as normal), the Mini SD memory card in Nokia N73 will appears as a USB drive, to allow files copy easily without needs of installing additional device driver or application.
Although the Nokia PC Suite is not a must-have program to access N73 USB mass storage function, an optimized driver ensures achieving USB 2.0 full speed file transfer via Nokia proprietary Port-Port interface.

How to configure Nokia N73 mass storage mode to access memory card as USB drive?

Click the menu key, access to Tools and then Data Cbl. While in Data Cable screen, make sure Data Cable Mode is either set to Mass Storage or Ask On Connection.

Then, connect the phone to a computer USB port via CA-53 cable. N73 will prompt you to select mode of connection if the Data Cable Mode is set to “Ask On Connection”.

This is extremely useful when I’ve to copy files to or from the “expensive” Nokia phone I ever own (so far) with a computer that has not yet installed with Nokia PC Suite application, but there must be a card reader OR CA-53 cable AND a computer that supports USB mass storage device (both hardware and software). The bulky Nokia PC Suite, is not a must-have program in either cases.

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  2. felman radic 16-02-09@15:52

    can’t remove my memory card from N73. i tried “remove mem. card” process but the card won’t eject. what should i do?….

  3. Walker 19-02-09@21:12

    Hi Felman, when the message “remove mem. card” message appears, you have to manually remove / eject the card.

    Using the menu option “remove mem. card” is only necessary if you want to remove the memory card online (i.e. when the phone is power on) as this effectively telling the software to release the memory card in a proper manner before you eject it manually.

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