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How To Use Infrared To Send Files From Windows Vista To Nokia N73?

As with most Nokia NSeries models, my bloody old Nokia N73 can send and receive files over USB, Bluetooth, or Infrared connection.

Although the USB connection is faster than the Bluetooth or Infrared connection, it’s troublesome (for me) to bring along the proprietary Nokia CA-53 cable on every working days.
So, I’ve to rely on either Bluetooth or Infrared to transfer files between Windows Vista SP1 and N73 (while I’m at outside/office with Dell Latitute that supports Bluetooth and Infrared too).

Now the Bluetooth in Dell Latitute is breakdown, I’ve to be more patient with Infrared connection that transferring data at 115200 bps (or 14.0625 KBps) :-(

How to send files from Windows Vista SP1 computer/laptop to Nokia N73 over an Infrared connection?

The answer is not difficult, but required few simple steps to complete it:
  1. On Nokia N73, press the Menu key (refer to Symbian S60 UI Shortcut Key, the key labelled “A”), navigate to Tools, and finally click the Infrared icon to activate Nokia N73 infrared function.
  2. Face the Nokia N73 Infrared port to Dell Latitute Infrared port, as near as possible, i.e. to make sure Infrared ports at both end are in range and no obstacles blocking in between. (Besides the slow connection speed, this is another downside of Infrared connection).
    Note: Don’t look at the activated infrared port that might hurt your pretty eyes!
  3. Keep your eyes on Windows System Tray (normally, it’s on bottom-right corner). Soon, the Windows Infrared icon (first icon next to the “EN” in the screenshot below) appears in System Tray (a.k.a. Notification Area in Windows Vista), with tooltips indicate a new device called N73 is in range.
    How to use an Infrared connection to send files from Windows Vista to Nokia N73?
    How to use an Infrared connection to send files from Windows Vista to Nokia N73?

    Next, you’ll see the message says “Another computer is nearby. Click here to send files to the computer N73”.
  4. Now, you can just click the Infrared icon or right click on it and select Transfer Files option to open up Infrared’s Send File dialog box. Browse to the target folder, select one or multiple files and click Send.
  5. Back to Nokia N73. You will likely get a prompt to accept connection or immediately getting files transfer status bar on screen. A SMS notification received whenever Windows Vista completes sending a file to Nokia N73, i.e. the file transferred to Nokia N73 kept as SMS (instead of storing to a folder as file). To retrieve the file, just open the SMS as usual.

P/S: You might need to configure Nokia N73 Messaging to use memory card instead of phone memory, if you are about to send a large file size to N73. (Refer to Sending Big Movie File To N73 for this configuration.)

Of course phone memory is nothing wrong, if free memory space is big enough to keep the file (so as memory card).

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