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How To Send Program File As Attachment In Gmail?

If you’re trying to send a program file as attachment in Gmail, an error message similar to this will be shown: “Error – HoboCopy.exe is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file.”

It won’t works if you simply rename the program file extension (.exe) to other file type that is allowed by Gmail anti-virus scanner / attachment filtering system, according to Gmail Help on “attachment” topic:
Gmail will not deliver email with application program file attachment (even if the program files are zipped into .zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz, etc format.

Encrypt the zipped file might able to bypass the attachment filtering system, but Gmail doesn’t allow an encrypted zipped file, as outlined in this section.

A trick to send program files as attachment in Gmail

If you’ve a useful program (like SWF-Exporter) to share over email, it should be a tiny program (Gmail allows email not greater than 20 MB) and “green” software (i.e. no virus, malicious code, Trojan, etc).

For example, the open-source HoboCopy.exe for my buddies who are interested to extract FLV movie cached by Google Chrome in Windows temp folder.

Next, use the trick of Microsoft Office embedded object to send the document as attachment in Gmail:
  1. Compress the program files into zip file format. Indeed, any compression format will do, but .zip is the common compression format and thus is preferred.
  2. Open up Microsoft Word 2007 (any Microsoft Office version that support embedded object, preferable Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel),
    Using Microsoft Office embedded object to send program files as attachment in Gmail, Hotmail, Exchange server.
    1. Access to Insert menu,
    2. Click the “Object” button under the “Text” ribbon,
    3. Go to “Create From File” tab,
    4. Uncheck the two check-boxes that related to “link to file” and “display as icon”,
    5. Use the browse button to select the zipped program file,
    6. Click OK button to insert it as an embedded object in Word document.
  3. Send the Word document (that already embed the zipped program file) as a normal attachment in Gmail

I’ve just tested this trick again, and it’s still working in machine that running Vista Ultimate SP1, Power Archiver 2007 and Microsoft Word 2007.

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  4. John Smith 12-04-10@08:18

    Why don’t you just use 7zip and it will be a 7z file and gmail cannot open or scan.

  5. RJ 06-01-12@19:55

    here is another way,
    1>You just compress the files using winrar or your favorite tool.
    2>Than, Remove the extension from the file name.Which make compressed doc only a old dos type file.
    3>Send this file as attachment.
    4>don’t forget to put note: “Rename it with proper extension.” so receiver can get actual compressed file.
    5>extract it. Your programs are there.

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