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Open Facebook In Stealth Mode – Appears Offline After Login

I’m not from Mars, so I’ve a Facebook. (My dad and mom don’t have Facebook, Friendster, etc, but I’m sure they’re from the Earth too!)

OK, back to the topic – how could you “appear offline” right after login to Facebook, as what you’ve done in MSN? Can you run Facebook in “stealth mode”, so that none of your buddies aware that you’re watching their latest photo album online?

One of the reasons of running MSN in stealth mode is simply because you’re bracing a really hectic life and can’t afford spending fraction of minute on nonsense chats.

Due to curiosity, however, you can’t really help yourself to find out who is online.

And for Facebook, you even enjoy what are the latest moves or photos album posted recently. Sometimes, you like to be a “consumer” rather than “provider”, i.e. only reading their posts but not willing to be asked for comments/responses.

So, could you run Facebook in “stealth mode”, to appear offline after login?

Yes, you can. But, it’s not a real “stealth mode” or “appear offline” as in MSN – once you set yourself to appear offline in Facebook, you can’t see who of your buddies are online too:

How to run Facebook in stealth mode?

At the bottom-right corner, there is this little Facebook Chat icon (a silhouette with “green/red” dot). To appear offline, click the “Go Offline” link (left screen-shot) and set your Facebook status to stealth mode.

This mode is not only applied to the current login session, but it’s also effective on subsequent logins, until you click the “Go Online” link again (right picture)!

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  2. Buck Rogers 18-03-10@04:15

    To open in stealth mode, just go to https://facebook.com. Chat doesn’t work in ssl.

  3. Walker 18-03-10@23:41

    Thank, mate!
    “Like This” :-)

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