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Pirated Windows XP Professional: Offline Yourself Or Blackout By WGA?

Remember the message said “This copy of Windows is not genuine.”? If you’re still running a pirated Windows XP Professional, don’t get panic if that XP machine turns off the monitor itself after every 60 minutes!

The blogsphere is now circulating (so am I) a news source from Microsoft Malaysia that there will be 3 million pirated XP users in Malaysia alone are expected to suffer the “blackout” resulted by WGA validation failure!
…the user would need to reset the machine‚Äôs desktop background. But when 60 minutes are up, the black screen will reappear and the user must go through the whole process again – The Star

If that’s true as it said, I think the pirated XP users could put the machine offline until the “anti-WGA professional” resolve it with another “XP Patch”, reset the machine every 60 minutes (so continue to online, reset, online…), buy a valid XP license code to activate it, or better switch to Ubuntu or GNU Linux that running on Asus Eee PC :-)

Side note: If this antipiracy materialized on 27th of August, you may expect Windows Vista will be the next target of WGA, although it’s not as popular as Windows XP among the Windows users (except me)!

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  1. jack 28-08-08@10:12

    why dont just disable automatic update…issue solved..(services.msc) Cheers!

  2. Walker 28-08-08@21:48

    Haha, disable Automatic Update is only for the geeks.

    For general users they all better count on Automatic Update to patch vulnerabilities of Windows OS on regular basis, unless they know “how to perform Windows Updates” and really not mind to go through the process manually.

    Anyway, thanks for your kind comment. This trick should have been mentioned but I didn’t.

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