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JiaYou Domain Name For Sale. And, What Is JiaYou In Chinese?

What is JiaYou in Chinese?

Seventeen days after the grand opening held in the Beijing National Stadium (a.k.a. Bird’s Nest), the Games of the XXIX Olympiad officially ended on 24th of August.

Many topics have been discussed by all kind of media around the globe. One of the topics is how to translate the two Chinese words 加油 (JiaYou) into non-Mandarin languages.

In brief, JiaYou is a verb or could be slang among the Chinese that used to motivate someone to fight for a goal.

This Chinese word is the most common word that Chinese yelling at the stadium, competition, rescue works during the SiChuan fatal earthquake, etc – one word in two tones that suitable to use in any occasions.

How to translate JiaYou in Chinese to English?Hence, JiaYou could be translated as “Come on” or “Go go go” in English. So, when Chinese shouting “JiaYou, JiaYou, JiaYou…” for their team/athlete, you could yell “Come on, come on, come on…”!
Do you think JiaYou is nicer than “Come on”?

Well, that’s your choice! For example, this Dutchman simply title the blog post as “Helan JiaYou” for simplicity, which means “Come on, Netherlands”!

JiaYou related domain asking for resale!

Thanks you to the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games that promoting Chinese culture and the powerful Mandarin word “JiaYou”, JiaYou.net domain owner is looking to resale the domain name for goodwill.

You may expects JiaYou.com to resale too if the people really crazy for this Mandarin word – JiaYou!

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