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WordPress 2.6: What Does The Commenter IP Tells?

For those who are using WordPress powered weblog, do you click the commenter IP address each time before approving it?

If you never try to click the commenter IP address, you should do now. Indeed, I should keep this practice from now onwards!

I recall that in WordPress 2.2, the link of commenter IP address redirected to query ARIN WHOIS database for the IP address in question, for example this IP.

It’s not really interesting. Why I should bother about the geographical location or meta-data of commenter IP address?

But, now the feature has changed. So, what does WordPress 2.6 do with the commenter IP address?

Well, the link of commenter IP address no longer redirected to query ARIN WHOIS database, for sure. Instead, it query database of the blog it’s working on, for all historical comments that share the same IP address you’ve clicked.

A useful feature of commenter IP address link in WordPress 2.6 powered blog.

Personally, I find this new feature useful and interesting, as the query result could give some hints about the commenter.

For example, if there are a lot of comments returned by the query, the blog owner might “guess” that the commenter is a regular reader, the same commenter appears with different pseudo name, or a group of readers who happen to share the same WAN IP address (e.g. white-collars behind a proxy server or students sharing one broadband router, etc).

Although this new feature couldn’t convinces blog owner with solid information to approve, delete, or put a comment to Akismet Spam queue, it does help WordPress user making a better decision on comment management.

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