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Windows Movie Maker: Fix The Half Green Bar Problem In The Movie Made

Windows Movie Maker (WMM) is one of the value added software bundled with premium editions of Windows Vista, that allows users to edit and publish movie into supported video formats.

Although WMM is not competitive as compare to professional, commercial video editing software, it’s good enough for general purpose of most users.

You could mix all supported video, music and picture files to create your own movie with creative combination of transitions, effects, titles and credits.

WMM allows users to split video or to extract audio track from video clip too.

However, there is a potential problem that could make the published movies look really suck!

It happen to me this morning and I’m really upset and frustrated as this Windows Movie Maker published the video with half green stripe problem in Windows Vista.

As shown in this screenshot, that annoying Windows Movie Maker-made “half green bar” split the video full screen resolution into a half horizontally:

Windows Movie Maker published half green bar movie problem.
Windows Movie Maker published half green bar movie problem.

How to fix the Windows Movie Maker half green bar problem?

I believe that’s caused by some video decoders/encoders (a.k.a. video filters). But, I’ve no idea which specific filters are exactly causing the green stripe problem.

Luckily, Bernie knows the solution! Now, the Windows Movie Maker green stripe problem has gone (I believe):

Windows Movie Maker published Star War movie footage with a perfect screen resolution, without the annoying half green stripe problem.
Windows Movie Maker published Star War movie footage with a perfect screen resolution, without the annoying half green stripe problem.

All you’ve to do is disable the Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder before clicking the Publish Movie button.

Disable the Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder to fix the Windows Movie Maker half green bar problem.
Disable the Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder to fix the Windows Movie Maker half green bar problem.

Click the Tools menu, and then Options…, go to Compatibility tab of the Option dialog box, locate the “Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder” filter and un-tick the check-box to disable it.

UPDATE: As suggested by Dan, Lassie, and Kristian (in comments section), the DivX Video Decoder could be a potential culprit of this ugly green stripe as well. Thanks everyone for sharing with me!

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  1. milk 23-07-08@21:19

    JUST got this problem today.
    lucky I discovered your solution on google
    I’m tons relieved. thanks man!

  2. Lebon14 11-08-08@05:48

    Oh my god! Thanks a bunch dude!!

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  4. Brooke 03-09-08@10:46

    Oh…my….gosh. Thank you soooo much!! I’m so glad I found your easy step-by-step solve on this!! Yeah, I’m guessing that my encoder problem was the Any Video Converter thing…..XD Once again…thank you soooooo much!!

  5. Walker 03-09-08@11:08

    Thank you Bernie (mentioned in the post) for sharing his useful trick :-)

  6. james falliordor 27-10-08@04:16

    YOUR THE BEST MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Zhaydyd 09-11-08@02:23

    I tried to do that but i cant find the Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder on mine. Please help :(

  8. Daniel 11-11-08@15:08

    Awesome! Glad I found this guide. I was getting upset over the green bar and thought I was gonna have to remake my entire video.

  9. Tim 15-11-08@04:11

    Thanks, Bernie. Now I’ve got to figure out YouTube, which better be more user friendly than the Movie Maker or I’m in for it….

  10. Carl 27-11-08@03:12

    I mad the change but when i hit publish the time just keeps increasing to >260 min. Is that normal?

  11. Joe 01-12-08@13:18

    Oh my god, I can’t thank you enough for this, I spent a few hours making subtitles for a movie , then when I published I got the half green screen and couldn’t Fix it, It made me go a tad crazy. And then I found this after lots of searching, It worked perfectly! Many Many thanks!

  12. Jon Z 20-12-08@10:40

    Thank you sooooo much!!!!!

    I am so happy! we thought our hours of work were ruined!! Thank so much!

  13. dani poa 28-12-08@14:26

    thank you!

    I was looking for the solution for hours!!!!

  14. Chicka 29-12-08@07:39

    Gah, this has been such an annoyance to me, I published two 10 minute clips before noticing the green screen situation, very annoying. Thank you for the hint, I’m currently publishing my vids again, hopefully it’ll work this time!

  15. Eran 31-12-08@06:52

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    I spent an hour on the green split screen problem, and got quite worried.

  16. Dylan 02-01-09@09:18

    When i did it none of the video showed up…

  17. Tatiana 09-01-09@12:50

    Thanks a lot!!! It’s been killing me. Fortunately, Google led me to your blog :)

  18. Walker 09-01-09@16:40

    Credit goes to Bernie, who shed me the light on this problem I’d encountered.
    After solving the problem, I decided to write this post and share with you all :-)

  19. MoBama 25-01-09@08:41

    Thanks SOOOO MUCH!!! Glad google pointed me here, I was going CRAZY!

  20. joe 30-01-09@10:08

    Yeah, i got the same problem as Dylan i turn off the xvid decoder then press ok, publish it finishes i open the movie and its all just a black screen, it plays the audio but i cant see anything. i would seriouselly appreciate some help. thanks

  21. Kim 31-01-09@13:50

    thank you sooooooo much that was bugging me for ever because i though i could make movies on windows movie maker because it did that and i am sooooo excited lol thank you thank you thank you

  22. steven Healy 04-02-09@06:24

    Brilliant isn’t it typical of microsoft to allow such a thing to happen. Thanks for the advice. You’re a star.

  23. Sophia 08-02-09@01:59

    HI there!

    Thank you so much for your solution! I am soooooooooooooooooo chuffed I can finally start using my new camera !
    Lotza luv xxx

  24. courtney 09-02-09@10:50

    OMG thank you so much!!! ive been getting so frustrated with that! ihad to o a movie for my sociology class and that stupid bar was there ><!!

    so YAY! *e-hugs!*

  25. nowaylkol 11-03-09@17:11

    I love you!!!!! omg thanks soooooooooooooo much!

  26. Shaun 11-03-09@19:29

    dude thanks i was making a love movie for my gf and this happened ty buddy.

  27. Kelsey S. 16-03-09@14:20

    Thank You So Much!!!!! I had to make a movie presentation that is going to be shown to my class and when i published the movie the GREEN BOX appeared and i almost freaked out. I thought my movie was ruined. but thanks to your advise the green box is gone and my project is saved. Thank You!THANK YOU!Thank You! THANK YOU!

  28. Adam 18-03-09@02:05

    Thanks! This really helped!

  29. zreaper1 21-04-09@07:00

    I’ve tried for two months to figure that out. Thank you SO much. You are Awesome!!!!!!!

  30. dylan 05-05-09@11:47

    omg thx so much almost had to convert and redo my entire project with 40 dif videos that needed to be cut

  31. Katy 21-05-09@11:24

    when i folllowed this guide, my video clips vanished.

  32. Melody 21-05-09@22:15

    You and Bernie are awesome, thanks a bunch! :)

  33. Jimbob 12-06-09@16:16

    Thanks for the help man!

  34. MercurySteam 11-07-09@22:39

    Edited by Walker:
    Thank you for the update :-)

    Here is an alternate solution:

    Go to Start Menu – All Programs – XVid – Configure Decoder. In the Output options, choose Compatibility Renderer and click OK.

  35. P0PC0RNgirl 13-07-09@05:15

    THANK YOU =)

  36. alpha 18-07-09@02:14

    i tried un ticking the Xvid Mpeg4 video decorder but the green bar still remains while im editing the videos.

    when played in side viewr they are fine, but when i transfer in storyboard for edit green bar starts to appear already..

    Im buffeled though because some videos (im combining several clips from various videoes) have no green bar and some have green bar below

    i wasnt there before yesterday, the last thing i remembered was dowloading a flv. file and then converting it to avi. then after that other files converted to avi had that green bar

    can anyone help. please…

    my OS is XP

  37. alpha 18-07-09@02:30

    in some instances the lower portion of the video would be repreated by the green bar below

  38. crushingcranialcontents 27-07-09@02:53

    Thanks for the solution though it didn’t exactly solve my problem, it did 90% of my work for me.
    The video I was editing was coded with the H.264 codec so unticking this as above solved my problem.

  39. Charlotte 29-07-09@00:28

    Thank god for this, I was going mad when I couldn’t fix that stupid green bar! You’re a life-saver man, thanks so much for your easy solution (:

    Lets hope it works eh?

  40. Huntuki 27-08-09@21:09

    wow, i relly thank your help, had that problem yesterday

  41. jaz 06-09-09@19:32

    I do not have xvid but I still have a green bar. Do you know why this is? please help me if you can!!! xx

  42. Darryl 23-09-09@00:22

    I have disabled xvid. I also cannot find any program called xvid to use the alternative solution “compatibility renderer”. I downloaded ffdshow. Heck I’ve disabled all the codecs and restored everything to default. Nothing works!

    It is my .avi files which are causing the problem and nearly ALL of my vid files are avi.

    Help! Any other solutions out there?

  43. Hamoshe 11-10-09@11:49

    Thanks alot man! I was looking for the solution for minutes!!!! then found ur site :P

    Thanks alot!

  44. RaPpSOdIq 22-10-09@01:29

    Thanks alot man. You saved me from a disastre.

  45. JR 04-11-09@23:51

    Thanks a lot!!! Fantastic sharing!!!!! God Bless you~!!!

  46. Sal 09-11-09@07:38

    Thats was GREAT!! thanks for that!!!

  47. Allbran 10-11-09@03:07

    Made no difference…

    Green Bar is still there!

  48. bolov 01-12-09@10:56

    Thank you so much. Bernie and you saved my work. It worked perfectly.

  49. Peter 15-12-09@14:07

    (you cant change the compatibility in WMM and you cant change the configure decoder in Xvid)
    I found something interesting that may help, though you will need to download a converter from mp4 to avi.
    My discoery was….I was able to publish a movie with an AVI file and not MP4
    Probably b/c quicktime = mac
    and WMM = Windows…
    AVIs come out with no green bar at the bottom.

  50. Jared 06-01-10@05:56

    Wow, I can’t believe this is finally solved. This was a big problem for me! Thanks so much for the fix, it worked perfectly!!

  51. manda 09-01-10@12:16

    thanks I tried and now cross my fingers,. Lol thanks.

  52. Rowrin 10-01-10@07:11

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  53. Dave 22-01-10@11:39

    This codec does not appear on my compatiability thing.. and I STILL have this problem..

  54. Lala 25-01-10@01:33

    thank you so much man!

  55. DVDfeverGames 08-02-10@07:34

    Well, although I don’t have an XviD codec in the list, after turning off ones that were unrelated (so I got rid of them just in case) like Cyberlink and Ulead, and ensuring that both ffdshow codecs were ticked (not sure if it uses them, but a lot of things do), I unticked the DivX codec and that seems to have done the trick.

    Windows Media Maker started going blank on me for no apparent reason and then the green bar for the same lack of apparent reason, but thanks to Walker News and Peter, above, for this page and the solution (the latter in terms of telling me there’s a list of codecs I can deselect, and in the absence of any of my knowledge, I got there in the end!! :)

  56. abi 03-03-10@04:38


    i do a webshow on youtube and it was annoying me so much lol

    cheak us out


  57. martin 11-03-10@14:19

    I dont have that XviD codec in my options….:( and that green screen still there…

  58. Scott 25-03-10@08:13

    Same problem as Martin.. DivX yes, Xvid no.. AVG blocks Xvid website???.. WTF do i do now……

  59. Max 29-03-10@14:35


  60. Dan 09-04-10@07:39

    Like a few other. I didn’t have the Xvid. (Then this thread has been here, going on 2 years.)

    For me it was the DivX Video Decoder 004.

    I suspect for many of us with this problem it’s one of the options in the compitibility list. We’ll just need to go through the list to find the problem. (Make a small video with just one short film to test.)

  61. Walker 09-04-10@11:30

    I agree with Dan’s suggestion.
    And many thanks for sharing your finding with me and others over here.

    Appreciated to have more people to leave comment if you find yet another video codec that cause the ugly green stripe.

  62. John 01-05-10@15:50

    Great – THANKS

    on my pc it was called “DIVX H.264 Decoder” under the options as it’s part of the KLite Codec Pack.

    Thank you for putting the info on this web page!

  63. Grant Rupe 05-05-10@08:30

    Dude, you saved my YouTube account! Your’e awesome!!!

  64. LadyGreenEyes 12-05-10@09:03

    Question, what if the issue is a DivX codec, and disabling that for publishing also turns off all those clips? That’s my issue! Green bar, and the clips need that filter on to show up.

  65. thatpersonunderyourbed 03-06-10@08:46

    wow man thanks a lot went to other websites but none of them made sence to me but yours was fast and easy thanks now i can make my youtube videos agin

  66. mtsaska 05-06-10@12:03

    Thank You, I had just made my first movie and was starting to get really pissed.

  67. LYeh 09-06-10@12:37

    I’m not sure whether or not if it’s because my version of windows movie maker is outdated, but i do not have the xvid mpeg4 video decoder as a filter, so it’s not something i can just uncheck. do you have any other suggestions?

  68. Alexandra 09-06-10@15:31

    I just wanted to add since you said you weren’t sure what caused it, I had this green bar appear today and it was right after I had compressed a clip using Vdub and for the first time had used the filter “reduce 2:1” or something like that to make the file smaller. I’m guessing cutting the resolution in half while compressing it with the divx codec lead directly to the video showing up half size when published. I used your advice and unchecked the Xvid decoder and it fixed the problem! Thanks again :)

  69. riona 17-06-10@03:15

    omg thankyou so much ♥

  70. Tara 07-07-10@12:20

    OMG!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! You REALLY helped with my sister’s birthday present!! <3 <3

  71. Jeremy 12-07-10@07:14


  72. Thomas French 13-07-10@04:56

    my finding is that whenever you have converted some files (say mp4 into avi, via some decoders), untick it in WMM, and you are GOOD!!!!!!!!
    thanks a lot!

  73. Lassie 15-07-10@05:08

    I had downloaded DivX player when Moviemaker started misbehaving with the green stripe AND to add insult to injury a DivX logo on the bottom right hand side of my (by now half screen) video.

    After looking at your advice and some of the posts here I unticked ALL the Divx filters. Result? Good video.

    Now I need to change the default from Divx to Windows. I like Divx but don’t like it taking over by bl**dy system!

    Thankyou for your help!

  74. logan pavia 17-07-10@00:13

    thankyou so much

    iv’e had that problem for a while and it really made me mad thanks again

  75. Kristian 17-07-10@07:47

    To users who are not using Xvid, it may say DivX decoder or something. If it says decoder beside it un-check it. Can you add this to your post please?

  76. Walker 17-07-10@23:30

    @Kristian and Lassie, thanks for your sharing with me and the rest of people here.

  77. Rendush 25-07-10@02:38

    Oh my! Thanks so much, mate! I got this problem second time, and I couln’t remember how to fix it again… thanks again!

  78. bignathan2008 31-07-10@05:03

    THANKS! it worked with “DivX Video Decoder”. this helped me so much.

  79. kendra 05-08-10@07:14

    THANK YOU so much for this! I spent hours on my video and when It got that green break I flipped the feck out. Anyways, for me I didn’t have a x-vid Mpeg-4 Video Decoder, but a Mpeg 4 Decoder filter for 3ivx and unchecking that filter makes the entire file not playable. So I had to guess and do trial and error (always ave your project before publishing so you can always go back, instead of having to start completely over). Anyways, unchecking the DivX Video Decoder and the DivX Video Decoder filter got rid of the green break for me.

    Regardless this was a fantastic source! And I bookmarked it for the future :D
    -kendra <3

  80. Karl 15-08-10@23:20

    I never had the XVid decoder but turned off the Divx one and it worked, cheers!

  81. Danny 18-08-10@07:13

    Thank you sooo muchhh!! :) It would’ve taken forever without your help…

  82. James 26-08-10@22:57

    I have divx decoder filter and some avi thing, I unchecked divx and now – the green box is gone but the actual footage is also missing?

    Help please! :(

  83. Dusty 12-09-10@07:40

    i did that but now my footage isn’t there. HELP!!!!!

  84. Sonia 19-09-10@07:07

    Thanks soo much, i thought i was the only one outthere with this problem, but glad to know im not

  85. yaoisex 03-10-10@05:57

    THANK YOU so much! I had the Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder unchecked already so I tried unchecking the DivX Video Decoder and then it worked!! :)

  86. tom chi 27-10-10@00:38

    That did the trick. Thanks for the great help!

  87. an 31-10-10@01:04

    I unchecked the Xvid MPEG- 4 Video Decoder but this dropped the colour quality of my video. Is there a way to fix this?

  88. Daisy Henry 15-11-10@01:10

    this worked ace for me we unticked all the divx ones and it worked a treat thanks!

  89. 2+2 05-12-10@08:40

    I LOVE YOU. i’ve had this problem for such a long time and it is now fixed! THANKS SO MUCH!

  90. Timpano 11-12-10@23:43

    Alright Bernie I hope you check this soon, because I need your help!!!
    When i tick of XVid and I publish the video NOTHING SHOWS!!!!! I have tried ticking off DivX but I dont have that!!!!

  91. bob 17-12-10@10:09

    ok yeah….when I went to the options menu I didnt even HAVE the “Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder” to begin with…so I unselected some other filter in hopes it would fix it…it made it worse. Now my video has no visuals or audio.

  92. bb 24-12-10@20:05

    thanks, worked like a charm.. i didnt have Xvid, but disabled DivX and the problem was solved

  93. metalandy 08-01-11@19:03

    i cant find Xvid MPEG-4 on my pc, i think its call DivX H.264

    but when i uncheck that DivX H.264 then i publish the video its turn all dark screen except the tittles, images and credits part..

    please help…

  94. Phil 09-01-11@11:56

    Thanks everyone. The original post didn’t do it for me but the comments did. For me it was the DivX codecs. I unchecked them in the compatibility tab and finally got a proper vid published. Great help and thanks to all – )

  95. Steph 10-01-11@09:28

    I just wanted to share that this DID NOT work for me because I do NOT have Xvid on my computer, I have DivX Plus. All the fixes online are all for Xvid codecs. Going into the compatibility settings in Windows Movie Marker (tools, options, compatibility und unchecking the DivX decoder filter) did NOT work either. It removed the green bar but also made my entire video a black screen with only the sound working.
    After playing around with it myself, I figured out how to get it to work. For those of you who are having this green bar issue and have DivX Plus, THIS is how to resolve the green bar issue:

    Go to start, all programs, DivX Plus, Codec Settings. Then click on the “advanced” tab and uncheck all the boxes that are highlighted.
    You may have to restart your PC and redo your project in movie maker but once you publish the video the green bar issue will be gone.

  96. Siliah 25-01-11@04:42

    It worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

  97. McGherkin 29-01-11@09:05

    Fan-bloody-tastic. Those green bars have been enraging me for ages, through multiple projects. Finally they’ve gone, and I can actually sleep at night.

    The alternative solution doesn’t work for me in that I don’t have an Xvid start menu folder. I’d be interested if someone could explain why or how I could fix it.

    Is there an update to Xvid to fix this?

  98. himika 11-02-11@15:12

    ahhh fantastic! I unclicked the Xvid and worked prefect! thanks again!

  99. Ida 16-02-11@16:44

    Do I have to redo the whole movie? Because I sat up 8 hours last night to put it together…

  100. Sproutout 26-02-11@21:00

    Didnt work for me but have K-Lite Codec Pack – went to Codec Tweak Tool and disabled the Div X H264 codec there and it worked fine :-)

  101. NighLion 28-02-11@10:35

    Ditto here, thanks. Get rid of the DivX codecs

  102. Roger_Gjyieah 10-03-11@22:37

    If everything else fails, then try to convert your movie to a .wmv -file. (I had the green bar when i tried to publish an edited .avi -file).

    There are noumerus free converters on the world wide web, so
    finding one should not be a problem.

  103. Ashly 29-03-11@07:37

    First I found a converter and downloaded it. Its called “any video converter” and made all my cell phone vids (mp4) to wmv. Once that finished, windows movie maker allowed me to drop the video in. I got all excited cuz now o would be able to put more then one video together. The next day I wanted to do that. After publishing it I went to watch it. Then that green bar appeared. So I found this site and did what you said. But I didnt have that thing to unchecked so o unchecked the other thing. Green bar was still there. So o read thru the comments and found another way bit that didnt help either. Green bar was still there. Yesterday I was all happy cuz I found a converter that changed my cell phone pics to work on wmm. But today im mad again. Please help if you can :'(

  104. Ashly 29-03-11@07:39

    Whoops forgot to mention something in my comment. After I changed it to wmv and watched it, the ending on all vids were messed up. So I changed them all to avi. They all played perfectly. Then I put the avi in windows movie maker and published it and it made the green bar.

  105. rolo2 06-05-11@22:21

    I tried this but it didn’t work. The half green bar no longer displayed but it didn’t show the video. It just shows a blank screen whilst playing.

  106. CloudZ187 10-06-11@07:43

    Thank you so much! I had to present a project today with WWII, but i had that ugly green stripe problem, luckily she gave me a second chance. Lifesaver!

  107. Wizo3556 12-06-11@22:50

    I got the green bar too, don’t have DivX, I have Xvid, unchecked it and lost all video. Tried all the above suggestions, still got the green bar. Please be help out there.

  108. Teig_Mike 15-06-11@04:16

    THX a lot for the help. I would have almost freaked out…

    @ Wizo3556:

    Try unchecking every Codec on your system, except for the one you actually need for exporting the video, according to the output settings you choose. Maybe this will help.

  109. Drew 01-07-11@19:47

    I Love you guys!!!! thank you:)

  110. Aidan 06-01-12@07:05

    Hi, first time coming up against this green bar problem. Followed your advice and problem solved. DivX Video Decoder was causing problem.
    Thank You :-)

  111. Bobby B 18-04-12@22:56

    I had the problem of tools, options not workings, and not having the program under all programs. I fixed this by publishing it and on the second screen simply click from (best quality for playback ect) to more settings but do not change choice from DV-AVI(NTSC. I don’t understand why but the green or blank screen is gone

  112. Ay 13-05-12@17:48

    my life saviour :)Thank you thank you thank you!

  113. Rico 18-08-12@11:04

    Thanks so much! This worked for me like a charm!! :)

  114. Found 09-11-12@17:57

    Those who didn’t find the “Xvid MPEG-4 Video Decoder” in the option dialog box,
    they should filter and un-tick the check-box of “MPC-AVI Splitter” and “MPC-video decoder” to disable those.

    Then the green-bar at the bottom will be gone. :)

  115. Nick Murphy 07-12-12@04:57

    Absolute hero.

  116. Aray 13-12-12@13:58

    Thank you so much. You saved my AP grade. Great step by step instructions. Amazing thanks again.

  117. Łucja 18-09-13@04:57

    Thanks a lot for our help!

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