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How To Fix Windows Photo Gallery Yellow Tint and Photoshop Monitor Profile Problem?

Do you notice that when you view a picture in Windows Photo Gallery on a Windows Vista PC, Photo Gallery software renders image and the background of image in yellow tint? Is your Photoshop CS3 starts up with a dialog box that said the monitor profile appears to be defective?

Well, I don’t have this problem while I was using the 15″ Samsung CRT monitor. Even my Dell Latitude D410 that powered by Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 could shows the white color perfectly, not tinted with yellow or orange alike color.

(I was gifted a copy of Vista Ultimate SP1 license during the “Heroes Happen Here” event. Then it caused me to get a 2GB RAM upgrade for running Vista Ultimate without fancy Aero interface :-(

However, I just notice that unwanted glitch happens in my own Vista machine, where Windows Photo Gallery exactly renders the white background in yellow color, right after replacing the CRT with LG Flatron LCD monitor!

Photoshop CS3 starts up with a warning dialog box, said that the monitor profile appears to be defective and advice to rerun the monitor calibration software.Next, I also found that the Photoshop CS3 starts up with a warning dialog box, said that the monitor profile “LG L1753S” appears to be defective, please rerun your monitor calibration software!

OMG! What happen to this out-of-the-box LG Flatron LCD monitor?

How to fix the Windows Vista Color System related problem?

After google a while for the subject, I found this Microsoft Article ID 939395, which I’ve referred to fix these two problems, i.e. Photoshop warning my LG monitor profile appears to be defective and Windows Photo Gallery in yellow tint background:
  1. Click Vista Orb, type Color Management in the Start Search text box, locate and click the “Color Management” shortcut that appears in “Programs” listing.
  2. In the Color Management dialog box, tick the check box that labelled with “Use my setting for this device”
  3. In the “Profiles associated with this device” section, remove all the color profiles by selecting to highlight them and click Remove button.
  4. Now, close the Color Management dialog box and restart Windows Vista.

If the problems are still not resolved, you may try to remove all the color profiles and click the Add button to install a Vista-bundled color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1, as suggested by MDL.

If you’re going to change a LCD monitor for Vista-based computer, remember where to find the solution if the Vista Color System related problems happen to you :-p

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  2. Jay 08-10-08@22:59

    Huge thanks for this.

  3. Marianne 24-10-08@06:20

    Just spent 2 hours on finding the answer to the colour display in PS CS3, white showed as yellow. Found several questions for same problems online but no replies. None useful in PS help. Your article solved the problem! THANK YOU!

    Did the Adobe Gamma tool disappear in Vista?

  4. Doug Gibson 18-12-08@08:14

    My friend had the same problem after loading photoshop and trying to start it. The background color and the images in the browser came out a tinted yellow. I helped him fix it by simply clicking ‘ignore profile’ and then ‘Don’t show again’. Magically, he got his white back and no problem printing or viewing. This problem has nothing to do with re-calibrating your monitor or colors, or reloading the software, yada yada yada.

  5. Muted 11-01-09@09:51

    thank you! it solved my problem :)

  6. asds 18-01-09@21:54

    That’s not right! What you are doing is to change your default monitor color management with one that is not created for your lcd :)). So basically you change the color preset made for your monitor type with one suitable to make photoshop work . That’s not the way!!

  7. asds 18-01-09@22:00

    and here s the SMART solution :
    1. Preferences – General – Reset All Warning Dialogs
    2. Ignore default profile / and d’ont show again
    :) and that’s all

  8. Echo 09-02-09@00:08

    A vast THANK YOU for both the article and the useful ideas in the comments. I too was starting to despair about my brand new LCD widescreen… Problem fixed now, once and for all. Again, THANKS! :-)

  9. Jenni 20-03-09@15:10

    Bought a new monitor and my whites turned yellow in Photoshop. After searching for endless hours and knowing that it wasn’t a gamma issue I found your article. Your steps solved my problem and my whites are now white again.

    Thanks heaps.

  10. Mekai 27-03-09@02:47

    Thanks, this was of great help to me!

  11. ender21 16-04-09@09:41

    While the end may justify the means to some, this is clearly cutting off ones nose to spite their face, as those same profiles now removed may be needed by those who have calibrated their monitors, calibrated their printers, or otherwise have need of a profile that has just now been subject to the “remove” action. Talk about performing surgery with a chainsaw!

  12. Armando 02-06-09@02:30

    god thx for this, i couldnt work with thath ugly yellow in my photoshop, thx for the solution

  13. PSD to HTML 10-09-09@21:52

    Thanks!.. I just got a new computer, got this beast of a monitor and couldnt get rid of my yellow white.


  14. Jamy 06-10-09@15:22

    Thank you so much… This solved my problem immediately.

  15. Murtaza 09-11-09@01:45

    Amazing tip, My backgrounds are back again ;-) love you

  16. mark gutierrez 15-04-10@18:16

    thanks man.. i owe u one =)

  17. Hako 22-06-10@14:39

    Really…….that was driving me crazy. Thank you!!

  18. Nathan 12-09-10@20:35

    Thank you so much, Your answer is clear and finally solved this problem :-))

  19. Jojo 16-11-10@05:08

    You just SAVED MY LIFE!!!! Thank you!

  20. Cheyne 03-12-10@18:28

    Thanks alot for the help.

  21. j.msimuko 13-03-13@00:24

    you rock, you did save my time….that solved my problem after searching it in all posts but yours was outstanding…solved and happie

  22. Simon 18-03-13@23:23

    Worked a treat, exactly the same for windows 7 pro! Thanks

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