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World Time Clock: How Many Time Zones Are Used In USA Or Russia?

As some proverbs said, “Time is as precious as gold, but you can’t buy the time with gold!”. Thus, date and time is not a small matter, whether to a businessman, a computer system, a physician, an athlete, a politician…

So, take some time and humble minds to learn about time-related topics again.

For those who are serious, I would like to recommend you the best-seller titled “A brief history of time”, written by the great physicists Stephen Hawking.

Without going too far, let us learn some basic knowledge about time zone :-p

While most of the countries referring single time zone for respective nations, they are some countries using multiple time zones, simply because the territory of their nation spanning a wide geographical areas.

Such “big” countries are like USA, Russia and Australia. Although territory of China spanning over multiple time zones as well, the China government practice to standardize all of the states in one single time zone (i.e. GMT+8).

If it’s too hard for you to visualize the world clock on the world map, you may refer to this simple Shockwave Flash gadget provided by ClockLink.com:

You could click here to generate a World Clock map for to embed in your blog too.

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