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Virtual CloneDrive Is Another Virtual CD Drive Emulator

Virtual CloneDrive of Elaborate Bytes is another green freeware. This virtual CD emulator provides really native and intuitive user interface to mount and read CD images in Windows system.For those who prefers simple solution to read CD/DVD images in Windows systems, I’ll recommend you the Virtual CloneDrive of Elaborate Bytes.

Virtual CloneDrive is absolutely a green freeware (version, comes with really native and simple user interface, which I suppose that everyone knows how to use it without referring to a guide. (And most probably you’re here because you’ve not heard about Elaborate Bytes or Virtual CloneDrive).

Although the official download site doesn’t spell it out explicitly, Virtual CloneDrive Version (updated on 12th of June, 2008) is compatible with 32-bit Windows Vista and supports CCD, DVD, IMG, ISO, UDF, BIN CD image format.

Indeed, the Virtual CloneDrive Revision History file installed by the setup program shows that Virtual CloneDrive supports Windows Vista since version (released on 28th of October, 2007). The latest version fix data integrity problem in Windows Vista and added new option to use buffered I/O.
Personally, I prefers MagicDisc (the MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM emulator), because it’s GREEN freeware (version 2.6, build 093) and supports so many types of CD image format, which includes BIN (CDRWin), IMA/IMG (Generic disk images), CIF (Easy CD Creator), NRG (Nero – Burning ROM), IMG/CCD (CloneCD), MDF/MDS (Fantom CD), VCD (Farstone Virtual Drive), VaporCD (Noum Vapor CDROM), P01/MD1/XA (Gear), VC4/000 (Virtual CD), VDI (Virtuo CD Manager), C2D (WinOnCD), BWI/BWT (BlinkWrite), CDI (DiscJuggler), TAO/DAO (Duplicator), PDI (Instant Copy).

How to turn on Virtual CloneDrive buffered I/O option?

Virtual CloneDrive version added new options to use buffered I/O.By default installation, there is a Virtual CloneDrive icon created on Desktop.

Double-click the icon to bring up Virtual CloneDrive setting dialog box (as shown in the screenshot), where you can turn off the Virtual Sheep icon that appears next to the virtual CD drive in My Computer, turn on the option to auto-load last CD image or enable the buffered I/O feature.

How to mount/load a supported CD image in Virtual CloneDrive?

Open up my computer, right-click the virtual CD drive (by default installation, the Virtual CloneDrive is denoted with a sheep icon), go to Virtual CloneDrive menu and select Mount (to load CD image) or unmount (to unload the mounted CD image).

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