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Download Official Microsoft Product Logo

I am not a crazy logo collector, so as you (unless you’re). But, sometimes some people just desperately google for the official logos of a product.

If you’re writing an article or software documentation on a Windows program or Microsoft related solution, you might be one of them who are searching for some Microsoft official product logos.

It’s not that really hard to locate Microsoft product logos over the Net, but make sure you’ve read the official guideline of using the Microsoft logos.

(Official logo means genuine logo; using non-genuine Microsoft logo might cause your documentation / article “reduced to limited functionality” state upon the 30-days evaluation expired :-p)
…Logos are extremely important assets to all companies, and Microsoft is no exception. As the most visible form of our brand identity, they represent the intellectual resources, high standards and corporate values Microsoft has put into its software products since 1975. That’s why we ask journalists who wish to use Microsoft’s trademarked logos in connection with news stories to observe the legal restrictions outlined below…

Once you’ve click the “Yes” button, you’ll be directed to another page where you could download some of the official Microsoft product logos.

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