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How To Extract Audio Music From A Video Clip In Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing software that bundled with XP/Vista. Without any modification, Windows Movie Maker can be used to cut or split a MP3 for DIY ringtone.

Also, it’s not complicated to extract audio music from a video clip in Windows Movie Maker, so long it’s a compatible video format.

This short flash video showing a simple trick on how to do it.

First of all, put the Windows Movie Maker in Timeline view (click View menu and select Timeline).

The next highlight is to make sure you drag the video clip into “Audio/Music” track (in the Timeline view).

Now, you may simply click the “Publish Movie” icon to extract the complete audio music data, or you may click “Split” button to cut a specific part of the audio music and “Publish” (save) the cutting for your DIY mobile phone ringtone.

That’s the simple trick of using Windows Movie Maker to split or rip audio music data from video clip.

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  1. Eddie 17-11-08@07:40

    Well, I tried this process, & I was hoping for it to extract the MUSIC, but it extracts the sound too. How can I get it to get the music out, not the actors or sound effects?

  2. john 21-12-08@18:31

    i did not get the extraction, please explain better

  3. Mina 16-05-09@09:31

    Uh, thanks! I think it helped.. @_@

  4. Reali 29-06-09@08:17

    I can’t find the publish button D:

  5. banzo 11-09-09@03:18

    Works perfectly!

  6. abc23 30-09-09@22:47

    thats help alot. guys, just follow what is written.

  7. Bonzo 20-03-11@15:51

    The video clip is hopeless – too small, and overlaid with head-banging music. Please try again, and this time, explain what is going on.

  8. Sin 19-05-12@23:20

    Thank you but, I wanna take the sound of a clip in the VIDEO section not the AUDIO/MUSIC section. How do you do this?

  9. Sin 19-05-12@23:23

    Never mind, I figured it out.

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