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How To Download Adobe Reader Full Setup File For Different OS

How difficult is to directly download Adobe Reader 8.1.2 complete installation file for different OS platforms and languages? The answer is quite obvious, if you’ve visited to Adobe download site recently.

Prior to 8.1.2, the Adobe Reader direct download link for different OS/language was “hidden” when the download page detected IE or Firefox’s user agent string. Also, you’ve to use Adobe Download Manager for installation.
To get rid of this troublesome experience, you could either switch to Opera web browser or refer to “hidden” link.

Now what happen with Adobe Reader 8.1.2?

Well, the hidden link is no longer hidden! You could click the “Different language or operating system?” link to selectively download Adobe Reader for different OS and language! (However, the big yellow “Download Now” button is too catchy. So, not everyone notices that additional link.)

Download Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for different OS and language

By default, the download page detects user agent string and present Adobe Reader download link that matches with the client’s OS. The Adobe Download Manager stills working, but you’ve a choice. As shown in this screenshot, you could click “click here to download” link to for direct download without referring to Adobe Download Manager.

Click the Adobe Reader direct download link to bypass Adobe Download Manager.

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