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Using MagicDisc Emulator To Read CD Image

The latest Nero 8 v8.3.2.1 is certainly compatible with Windows Vista. But, the bundled Nero ImageDrive v3 is not!

Nero 8 is compatible with Windows VistaThat’s why, at this moment, you can’t find ImageDrive executable files in Windows Vista machine, even if the complete version of Nero 8 is installed!

So, if you’re looking for CD drive emulator to read NRG image files in Windows Vista (without burning them into DVD/CD-ROM), forget about Nero ImageDrive (at least for now)!

MagicDisc: Alternative virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive emulator

MagicDisc is a truly freeware version of CD/DVD-ROM emulator and supports a number of common CD image formats.MagicDisc is truly a freeware version of CD/DVD emulator and supports most of the CD image formats, which includes NGR (Nero – Burning ROM), BIN (CDRWin), IMA/IMG (Generic disk images), CIF (Easy CD Creator), IMG/CCD (CloneCD), MDF/MDS (Fantom CD), VCD (Farstone Virtual Drive), VaporCD (Noum Vapor CDROM), P01/MD1/XA (Gear), VC4/000 (Virtual CD), VDI (Virtuo CD Manager), C2D (WinOnCD), BWI/BWT (BlinkWrite), CDI (DiscJuggler), TAO/DAO (Duplicator), and PDI (Instant Copy).

If one is not enough, MagicDisc supports multiple virtual CD/DVD drives at one go! Other than running on all 32-bit Windows OS (Windows 9x to Windows Vista), this tiny emulator (installer is less than 1.3MB) is also compatible with 64-bit Windows XP, 2003, and Vista!

How to use MagicDisc to read an CD/DVD image?

MagicDisc provides simple menu which I believe that even first-time emulator users know how to use it. By default, the installer configure MagicDisc to auto start and enable one virtual CD drive when Windows boots up.

MagicDisc icon in Windows System Tray.Right-click the MagicDisc icon in System Tray (bottom-right corner where the Windows display time) for the program menu. Point the mouse on Virtual CD/DVD-ROM option to access the Mount… command and select the CD image that’s to be loaded by MagicDisc.

If you’ve some computer games, applications, Oxford dictionary, etc, that requires running directly on CD/DVD-ROM, you can simply duplicate them into one of the support CD image formats and read it with the FOC MagicDisc.

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