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Tiny Standalone MP3 Splitter – mp3DirectCut

You may use Windows Movie Maker to cut or split your favourite MP3 to DIY your mobile phone ringtone. But, Windows Movie Maker is not bundled with all Windows editions, e.g. the XP/Vista Home edition is certainly missing Windows Movie Maker.

Don’t worry. There are many alternative MP3 splitters. One of the popular MP3 cutters is mp3DirectCut, developed by Martin Pesch since year 2000.

From the 1st version 0.95 (2000-12-26) until the latest version 2.09 (2008-05-30), Martin Pesch stills release mp3DirectCut as freeware (you should buy him Starbucks by donating him 10 bucks if you’re affordable and like his works).
Martin Pesch released mp3Direct v0.95 on 2006-12-26 and then renamed the freeware to become mp3DirectCut in v1.11 that released on 2001-08-28. I’ve been keeping the v1.11, even after so many rounds of hard disk formatting/crashing!

Besides the attractive of freeware, mp3DirectCut is a tiny and standalone Windows program where you could keep it in USB thumb drive and run in on any 32-bit Windows directly (also in Wine under Linux). There is no installation, no mess in Windows Registry or system folders.

In addition, mp3DirectCut directly split and edit MP3 without decompression, to save encoding time and preserve the original quality. The built-in high speed recorder can also produce MP3 on the fly from any attached audio inputs.

For advanced user, mp3DirectCut also supports command line usage:
mp3DirectCut.exe <filename> <option(s)> <destination>

You can refers to mp3DirectCut manual (HTML format) that comes with v2.09.

You may download the genuine mp3DirectCut v2.09 from here (MD5 checksum 9104b7fe19005bda2ffdb86c092412e4). The EXE file is a self-extracting ZIP file that simply copies the program/manual/ini files to the selected folder and creates a desktop icon. Thus, you can manually extract the distribution with Winzip, Power Archiver, etc.

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  1. How To Use mp3DirectCut – A Standalone MP3 Cutter To Cut MP3 – Walker News 31-10-08@01:03

    […] mp3DirectCut is a tiny, standalone freeware, a “MP3 cutter” that you could use to cut a MP3 file into pieces (for fun?). You may use this free MP3 cutter program to cut a portion of the most sensational rhythm of song in MP3 format for mobile phone ringtone. Certainly, mp3DirectCut is in my standalone program list and kept in my pocket almost every day! (Pocket? It’s the 8GB thumb drive – tiny size in physical measurement but big in storage capacity!). How to use mp3DirectCut to cut a MP3 file (for ringtone) […]

  2. Bob.in.Spokane 08-06-11@02:34

    Mp3DirectCut from reviews is feature packed, but without *how to* instructions for basic cut, paste or fade, it’s useless. Freeware is only good if useable, and people (including myself) would gladly donate money to the author, if the author made an effort to include directions for new users.

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