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How To Cut MP3 As Mobile Phone Ringtone

You like a song and would like to hear it play as a ringtone when your mobile phone rings. How could you do that in Windows Vista?

Of course, the easier way is simply save the song as full into a mobile phone and set it as ringtone. With today music phone storage, you could have saved an album of songs as ringing tone. (For example, the latest Apple iPhone 3G comes with at least 8GB of built-in storage!)

At some occasion, however, you might prefer only a portion of tune to play as ringtone. In that case, how could you cut or split that most killing tune out of that MP3? In Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Ultimate, there is a bundled program called Windows Movie Maker, that could do the job.

How to cut or split a tune out of media files to used as mobile phone ringtone, using the Windows Movie Maker in Vista Ultimate?
  1. Locate and open Windows Movie Maker from Vista Orb. Click Import Media icon on the toolbar (or hit CTRL+I hotkey) to browse and import Windows Movie Maker compatible media file (MP3, WMA, WAV, WMV, MPG, etc).
  2. Click Play button or double-click the imported media file to play. Click the Split link when your expected tune comes in. After clicking the Split link, there is a new media file name appears in the canvas, e.g. The Look Unplug (1) in my example.
    Using Windows Movie Maker to split/cut or extract music tune for mobile phone ringtone.
  3. Double-click The Look Unplug (1) to play until your favourite tune ends, then click the Split link again. Now, another new media file name appears as The Look Unplug (2).
  4. Drag The Look Unplug (2) media file to Timeline (at the lower part of application window) and click “This Computer” link (at the left pane, under the “Publish To” section) to save the “cut” tune (which you can transfer to mobile phone and set it as ringing tone).

Switching between Timeline and Storyboard view in Windows Movie MakerTimeline or Storyboard view

If you want to extract music tune from a video clip, switch Storyboard view to Timeline view, by clicking the Storyboard/Timeline drop-down list at the left pane. The Timeline view presents more advanced settings for customization.

Windows Movie Maker – How to extract music tune from video clip?

The trick? If you want to extract audio data from a video clip in Windows Movie Maker, DO NOT drag the video clip into “Video” track! Instead, drag the video clip to “Audio/Music” track, as shown in this screenshot:

How to extract music audio from the a video clip in Windows Movie Maker?

To extract the audio data, simply click “Publish Movie” button to save ONLY the audio information. If you want to cut the extracted track for DIY ringtone, just follow the steps (above) to mark the start and end, split and publish (save) the cutting!

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