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Apple iPhone 3G Availability Map

Finally, as speculated and rumoured, the gossip is now tabled as a fact and news! The next generation of Apple iPhone supports 3G and GPS, with a really impressive tagline – Twice as fast. Half the price!

iPhone 3G, expected being one of the most-wanted gadget of every Apple fans’ shopping list, will be selling at USD $199 – half price of the 1st generation iPhone, but is twice faster!

(When the petro price tag turning upwards days after days, Apple iPhone is an exceptional “commodity”! :-)

According to Apple official website, iPhone 3G will be selling on 11th of July at 25 countries and later will be available at other 48 countries. If your country happens out of the iPhone 3G availability map…question your telcos first before asking Apple :-P

iPhone 3G on 11th of July

Apple iPhone 3G will be selling on 11th of July at these 25 countries.

Coming soon (after 11st of July). – Is your country out of this map?

Apple iPhone 3G will be available at these 48 countries.

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