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Response To Adsense Donation Call

It’s really affecting to read all news related to the fatal natural disasters that happened in Myanmar and SiChuan lately.

I can’t make myself available to help them physically, but I am pleased to help them in financial way, with little donation.

When I read one of the latest Inside Adsense email, I thought that was great, as Google has finally setup a mechanism to allow publishers automatically contribute portion of their earning to charity fund!

However, that’s not the case. So, I leave a comment there:
I would prefer an option in my Google Adsense account to allow me donate a percentage of my earning to reputable charity funds!

I think this is kind of corporate social responsibility program (CSR) that enterprise like Google should have.

I’m not rich as Bill Gates, but I definitely afford to donate 5% of Adsense earning to charity.

And if all other publishers follow that could be very huge eventually!

I was the 8th reader to comment. Since then, no much responses / reactions / pingbacks are seen from other publishers / readers!

Is that because most publishers not making enough and so can’t afford to contribute little percent of their earning to charity?
I doubt so!

Is that because most of the publishers dislike China / Myanmar?
When come to charity, we shouldn’t care about which country to benefit from the donation.

Have I donated?
If there is the God, he knows that.

To be frank, I will be happy to see this happen in one day – Google put an option in Adsense account where publishers could automatically allocate specified percentage of their earning to some reputable charity fund.

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