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Ad Review Center VS Competitive Ad Filter

Do you remember Ad Review Center that just available to all Adsense users in April?

Do you recall I wrote about why I desperately need Competitive Ad Filter?
Recently an Adsense email that talked about “third-party ads” and one part of the content reminds me to review ads showing in WalkerNews.net:
You can use the Ad Review Center to filter specific placement-targeted ads from appearing on your site. To block contextually-targeted ads from a given advertiser, you can use the Competitive Ad Filter.

Yes, provided you’ve enabled the Placement-Targeted Ads feature and advertisers have started to target your site(s), these ads will be shown in Ad Review Center. Otherwise, there is nothing, because those contextually-targeted ads are not shown in Ad Review Center!

I suppose that no advertisers will target WalkerNews.net (poor ranking) as they ought to be serious about branding and thus will target those really popular websites.

However, to my surprise, my Ad Review Center is not empty! But, there is one “spam” advertiser target WalkerNews.net :-(. I’ve no choice but to block it immediately!

How to block junk ads that target your site with Ad Review Center

If you’ve found some junk ads target your site in Ad Review Center, just do this:

Using Google Adsense Ad Review Center to block spam blog advertisers from showing spam ads on your Adsense account.

Click the drop-box to select “Block all ad groups from this advertiser” for that particular junk ads and then click the “Save Review Setting” button block these spam ads from showing in Adsense account.

As the contextual ads is too much to be possible shown in Ad Review Center, I’ve no choice but to keep an eye on ads running in Adsense account, take a lengthy process to identify and block those junk ads in Competitive Ad Filter.

REMEMBER, if your earning drop suddenly while not much changes in site traffic, then it’s time to review the ads running on your site(s). Clean up junk ads not only increase readership experience but also get better pay from good ads.

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