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Direct Download Windows Vista SP1 and XP SP3

If you’re running either Windows Vista or Windows XP, it’s time to upgrade them to latest service pack level, for the sake of performance, reliability and security.

As broadband Internet is almost a ubiquitous connection to most home users in most countries, Windows Update service should be enabled to automate upgrade of any published Microsoft Updates ((unless to be notified).
However, if you’ve more than one Windows machines, Windows Update is not good choice for service pack upgrade. Indeed, you should direct download and manually install the service pack file or CD/DVD image (Windows Vista SP1 All Language edition is about 544.3 MB while Windows XP SP3 is about 316.4 MB).

All these service packs are hosted on Microsoft servers, which you could easily find them in Microsoft Download Center. The clickable link direct you to the service pack download page to review updated information (if any) or you can simply copy the un-clickable link to your web browser or download manager for direct download (from genuine Microsoft servers).

Direct download Windows Vista SP1
If you want to know more about Windows Vista SP1, please refer to the release note.

Windows Vista SP1 All Language (KB936330)

Download this standalone installation file and distribute it to team/family members’ machine for installation. Just double-click the exe file to start. Please be reminded that the installation of this 32-bit version requires 2500 MB to 5450 MB free disk space to succeed.

Direct download link of Windows Vista SP1, 32-bit, 544.3 MB, English:

Windows Vista SP1 All Language DVD Image

This ISO image is good for those who intend to burn a DVD copy of Vista SP1 for distribution among team/family members, rather than sharing it in a mobile USB hard drive or sort of. The DVD image include both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Vista SP1 (hence the size is simply bigger)!

Direct download link of Vista SP1 DVD ISO image, 32-bit and 64-bit, 1418.1 MB, English:

Please take note that this DVD image is not bootable by itself. It’s merely an DVD image of Vista SP1 installation file (not a bootable image that integrate Windows Vista installation files and Vista SP1, a process that commonly known as Slipstreaming)!
Windows Vista SP1 CD image

Unlike the DVD image, this ISO CD image only contains the 32-bit version of Vista SP1. If you don’t have a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit machines, just download the CD image to save half you network bandwidth :-)

Direct download link of Windows Vista SP1 CD image, 32-bit, 544.4 MB, English:

Direct download Windows XP SP3
Before you proceed to XP SP3 upgrade, it worth to simply vet through the release note.

Windows XP SP3 standalone (KB936929)

Download this 32-bit, standalone XP SP3 installation file (exe) and double-click to start. Again, please be reminded that it requires 380 to 460 MB of free disk space (with System Restore disabled) to succeed.

Direct download link of Windows XP SP3, 32-bit, 316.4 MB, English:

Windows XP SP3 CD image

Again, similar to the other service pack ISO image, this is not a slipstreaming ISO image. I.e. the CD image itself is not bootable, as it only has the service pack files and not slipstreaming XP SP3 to Windows XP installation files.

Direct download link of Windows XP SP3 ISO CD image, 32-bit, 544.9 MB, English:

The XP SP3 CD image installation require at least 750 to 1230 MB of free disk space (with System Restore disabled) to succeed.

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  2. Walker 18-05-08@21:30

    I’ve downloaded the XP SP3 CD image TWICE for my friend

    1) the first downloaded image failed, MD5 checksum:


    2) this second copy works just fine (luckily), with MD5 checksum:


    Please take note.

    If you’ve the valid MD5 checksum for Vista SP1 DVD/CD image, please share it.

    Thank you.

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