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STRO Activator Still Works In Vista SP1

Not until a month Microsoft officially launched its Windows Vista last year, the Chinese engineers pseudo-named Binbin and Aeno found the SLP 2.0 loopholes that allow attackers to practically crack the Windows Vista OEM activation mechanism.

After the duo published their technical know-how to the Chinese forum, many geeks have then engineered various motherboard BIOS and activate the Windows Vista Ultimate as a perfect “genuine product”!
While the original BinBin and Aeno guide is just “too technical” for general users, some of the “good” men extended BinBin and Aeno guide by fooling Windows Vista to refer an OEM bios emulator and then activates itself as a genuine OEM copy!

The first of such emulators, to what I’ve recalled, was the Paradox OEM BIOS Emulation Tool-kits For Windows Vista. Thereafter, more OEM bios emulators (a.k.a Vista activators) made available on the P2P network.

To my curiosity, I’d experienced one of these toolkits, called STRO Vista Activator, and it really activated the Windows Vista Ultimate running on virtual machine! (Again, I believe it will work on a real machine as well, by theory!)
Warning! To most cyber laws in many countries, it’s an illegal and offensive behaviour, to crack a commercial software activation mechanism and subsequently using that commercial software in production environment (includes daily usage by home users)!

For this reason (though I’ve broken the law to certain extent), I ran the test of STRO Vista activator on virtual machine for experimental purpose.

Now, will those OEM bios emulator toolkits or so-called Vista Activators still work on Windows Vista SP1?

The answer is (surprisingly, but is certainly) YES!

I brought up the same copy of Vista Ultimate virtual machine image again, install the official Windows Vista SP1, reboot it as prompted, and the system properties show that the Windows Vista SP1 is still activated as a genuine product!

For confirmation, there is no problem for the Windows Update to fetch and install all latest / post-SP1 Vista Updates! Is this a convincing fact?

OEM bios emulator such as STRO Vista Activator still able to fool Windows Vista SP1 to refer an emulated OEM bios and activate itself as genuine OEM product.
STRO Vista Activator successfully activates Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 running on a virtual machine (that’s why the CPU reported as Core 2 Duo but operates at different speed)

Should you proceed to use a copy of STRO Vista Activator?

To be frank, I personally NOT prefer to emulator / activator, for these reasons:
  • It’s illegal (for sure)
  • It’s an additional software and thus have to run it along with Windows Vista, from power on to power off machine – oppose to a pure serial number crack or BinBin & Aeno guide, which are “absolutely clean” (but again it’s illegal too)!

So, how could you get a genuine copy of Windows Vista SP1 for your machine (if you prefer Windows products than the open-source projects, such as Ubuntu or Fedora Core Linux)?
  • Buy one OEM copy (the OEM price is cheaper)
  • Get a free copy of Vista Ultimate SP1 with full version product key from the Heroes Happen Here event. This Windows Server 2008 launch event is still opened for registration on some cities, and hopefully the host is still generous towards every participants!

Finally, there is no free lunch. Good Luck!

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