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Microsoft Give Away Windows Vista SP1 Product Key

If you’ve missed the Heroes Happen Here (HHH), you might regret for missing a chance to walk away a free Windows Vista SP1 DVD and a full version Vista Ultimate SP1 product key!

In conjunction of HHH, the months long event that themed for the launch of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft give away a free copy of Windows Vista SP1 DVD and a valid, full version Vista Ultimate SP1 product key! Do you know the reasons of giving it as FOC item?
Free Vista Ultimate SP1 Product Key

On top of that, there is also a HHH 2008 Launch Wave Events Kit which are DVDs of time limited, evaluation version of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008!

In the US, there are still plenty of HHH events open for public registration. So, check it out if you happen to be in those cities (and hopefully the free Vista SP1 product key will be given too)!
According to The Something Awful Forums, the Vista Ultimate SP1 product key getting from HHH event is real – The DVD contains a 8-digits promotional PIN to register for a valid product key.

Some of them said the Visual Studio 2008 STD edition appears to be full version too!

According to some staff of the top brand hardware reseller, who were also appeared at the event, said that the almost one-year old Windows Vista is still not as welcomed as Windows XP SP2.

That’s why Microsoft giving away few ten thousands of full version Vista Ultimate SP1 product key, with the hope of promoting Vista SP1 as workstation OS to complement its latest Windows Server 2008 editions.

So, thank you Microsoft and the people who continue support Windows XP!

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  2. deepak 06-02-09@00:38

    i bought a new dell laptop with preinstalled windows VISTA OS, later on my system got some problem, not able to boot, i want to install the new windows os,i am having the original OS dvd which is come with my dell laptop, but i lost the product key, please suggest me some option so i can installed OS.
    the ultimate thing is i am staying in INDIA, i bought my laptop from US. is it a kind problem for me to get a product key,

    thanks bro, who help me out

  3. Walker 07-02-09@11:01

    Sorry deepak, I can’t help you on this.

    Maybe you could try to call Microsoft or Dell.

    If you have not formatted the pre-install OS, then try to use Nirsofer Produkey to extract your forgotten product key:


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