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Download Windows 2008 RC For Maximum 240 Days Experience

Windows Server 2008 has finally hit the market. Although Windows 2008 share the same NT 6.0 kernel with Windows Vista, this release is specialized and featured for business and enterprise environment.

However, Windows Server 2008 Standard edition seems quite fit for Desktop and mobile computing as well. Better still, the Server Core technology allows geeks to install only those useful functionalities and exclude the fancy interfaces.
Having says that, hardware requirement to run Windows 2008 Standard edition can be lower than Windows Vista Ultimate. But with Windows 2008, users could enjoy more useful functions and better security features than Windows Vista.

For example, Windows Server 2008 Standard edition comes with these new features that are mostly not currently available in Windows Vista Ultimate – Hyper-V, Network Access Protection (NAP), AD Rights Management Services (RMS), Terminal Services Gateway and RemoteApp, Server Manager, Windows Deployment Services, Server Core

In conjunction of the Release Candidate (RC), everyone may now directly download Windows Server 2008 all editions DVD image from Microsoft server and evaluate the complete features of Windows 2008 for a maximum 240 days at your own computer (by using the official “re-arm” method).

Download Windows Server 2008 DVD ISO Image

All these direct download links will download the Windows Server 2008 DVD image from Microsoft servers.

In fact, a same copy of DVD image could be used to install all Windows Server 2008 editions, except for Windows Web Server 2008. This similar approach is used by Windows Vista DVD as well.

To use the official re-arm method provided by Microsoft, a valid Windows Server 2008 product key IS NOT required. When you are prompted to enter a product key for activation, just skip it with an empty product key. Then, click No when Setup asks for confirmation of your selection.

The default grace activation period is 60 days. Thereafter, you may extend the activation grace period for another 60 days, by using the re-arm method (up to 3 times). But, most likely there will be crack to extend the activation grace period to unlimited times, sooner or later!

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