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An Email + Thumbnail = Your Web Identity, Sir!

An email address and a thumbnail is all you need to create an avatar for yourself. And with Gravatar, that’s your globally recognized avatar!

You don’t have to pay annual fees for the Gravatar service; it’s FOC (free-of-charge), at least until now! (And if you’ve not heard about what’s Gravatar / Avatar), it’s your web identity!
Take a look on this snapshot taken from WalkerNews.net:

Gravatar is your web identity - Identify yourself online with the FOC Gravatar service!
Johnny, I think you’re the only one of the few hundred commenter in my blog (at this time being) who is identified with a “valid” web identity!

If you’re not an active commenter, probably it’s not really a matter to make yourself a Web Identity. But, if you’re, I’ll suggest you to do so as to help the rest of people online to recognize your words of wisdom and your presence in this interactive cyberspace!

It’s rather easy to locate your comment or the comments of a regular reader by the thumbnail than the nickname, especially on a post with long list of comments! (Though, the weblog has to be Gravatar-enabled in order to show your Gravatar! See also “How to enable Gravatar in WordPress

How to create a Gravatar for yourself?

“Have you Gravatar yourself, sir?” “No” “This way please”
  • Click here to proceed. Follow the simple to understand instruction – all you need is your email address and a thumbnail (of yourself or your daemon).

Once the Gravatar service account is ready, you can start comment with the email registered for Gravatar service in a Gravatar-enabled weblog – your unique Web Identity (if you’re using the thumbnail of your unique face) will automatically shown along your nickname and comments!

P/S: What else other than Gravatar is FOC?

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