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Nokia Software Updater Cannot Detects N73 In Vista

I almost wanted to give up after an hour, trying to have Nokia Software Updater (NSU) detecting my Nokia N73 ME in Windows Vista Ultimate!

But, without the working NSU, it seems that I’ve no other way to upgrade N73 firmware to v4.0736.3.2.1 (except sending it to a service centre).
Although the latest Nokia PC Suite v6.85.14.1 has no problem to detect and work perfectly with my phone, the latest NSU v1.4.23 kept on fail to detect the N73 ME connected via USB cable!

I supposed that if Nokia PC Suite detected N73, the Windows Vista should have the drivers installed. So, NSU should be working well too. But, that was not the case, as shown in the Vista Device Manager:

NSU failed to detect Nokia N73 ME in Windows Vista as the Device Manager not recognize some of the N73 devices connected to Vista!

The problem was not resolved even by rebooting Windows Vista, uninstalled followed by reinstalled the Nokia PC Suite and NSU.

When I was about to give up, I thought of the last try – to uninstall all the Nokia software from Vista, reboot the PC, install the Nokia Cable Driver (for Windows 2000, XP and Vista) followed with Nokia Software Updater. Only then, the NSU finally detected my N73 ME in Windows Vista!

Nokia Software Updater, NSU, finally detect my Nokia N73 in Windows Vista!

If your NSU also failed to detect Nokia N73 (or other Nokia smart phone), try my way:
  • Uninstall all Nokia software from Windows,
  • Download and install the latest Nokia Cable Driver for Windows 2000, XP and Vista (e.g. Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver_rel_6_85_10_0_eng.msi)
    Although Nokia website outline similar statement of the following,
    Important for Windows 2000 or XP or Vista users: Drivers for the Nokia DKE-2, DKU-2, CA-42, CA-53, CA-70, and CA-101 cables are now integrated into PC Suite. Instead of downloading the cable driver separately, we recommend you download PC Suite.

    I’ve no luck at all with this version of Nokia PC Suite/NSU – it keeps on fails to detect my Nokia N73 ME in Windows Vista, until I’ve installed this driver!
  • Install the latest Nokia Software Updater (NSU) for your Nokia smart phone model (e.g. NSU for Nokia N73 ME)

By now, the NSU should be ready to detect and deliver the latest Nokia firmware for the connected smart phone.

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  1. Denny 15-02-08@02:13

    I was to make update of mine cell. e stopped in the way already does
    not bind when I connect to the PC so says unknow device. that I make…
    plz ppl help me…

  2. George 22-02-08@23:59

    Dont work my friend

    Nokia Software Updater 1.4.23 is ‘amazing’

    Starting application…

  3. George 29-02-08@17:47

    To be frank, I personally will not try this NSU hosted at third party server, unless there is a way to prove it’s “clean” (not just anti-virus scan alone)!

    So, use this NSU 1.4.0 at your OWN RISK; otherwise, use the original NSU from Nokia server and follow my guide written at above.

    comment edited by WALKER

    ONE SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!! ;-) WORKS!!!


    One link, NSU 1.4.0 is for all phones…nokia 6630, n73,etc… http://www.mediafire.com/?coamyyody12

    The size of the defective version is 1.4.23 is 23.8MB
    And the old functional version is 1.4.0 is 14.9MB
    The working version has more size and is oldest….interesting

    This happens in several versions since over a year ago
    And while work, it is sometimes necessary to reinstall if that fails

    George of Madrid, Spain, regards ;-)

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  5. andy 16-01-09@06:17

    my nokia update failed, now I can not use my smartephone because I don’t backup my software! I can not connect my phone to PC.
    please I need help!!!

  6. N96user 21-01-09@09:47

    Thanks, I had the same problem with my Nokia N96 and Windows Vista and now it works after following your instructions. However, the result is disappointing – the latest firmware available for it is v.11.018 while people who update OTA (Windows Xp only) has v.12.048. I hope Nokia releases that version on NSU soon.
    Thanks again.

  7. prateek 23-02-09@21:24

    Thanks..it worked perfectly for me..

  8. dheeraj 04-12-09@14:35

    Thanks.. Hope this works for my N73ME

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