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How To Optimize Blog For Mobile Device

Smartphone or PDA-phone is no longer an odd item. Indeed, it has been a ubiquitous gadget among the geeks. So, it’s better to consider how a blog looks when it’s rendered in a little inches mobile phone web browser.

To justify the need (to optimize a blog for mobile devices), you may refer to the Google Analytics or alike and look for screen resolution statistics! (The number of Apple iPhone sold in US alone is probably another benchmark to tell truth!)
How to easily optimize blog for mobile devices?

There is a tips by Mark Ghosh – no need to install any plugin or JavaScript, but there are only two simple things to complete it in few seconds:
  • The blog Feed URL (I guess that 99.99% of blogs in the Net have either RSS or ATOM compatible feed)
  • The URL of Google Reader For Mobile (Neither the blog readers nor the publishers need to have a valid Google Account for this topic)

Now, we should combine the two URLs, i.e.

I’ve immediately make WalkerNews.net optimized for any mobile web browser that is XHTML compliant!

Yes, it’s optimized, in term of rendering speed and comfortable presentation on the tiny screen of mobile phone! For demonstration, here are few of the screenshots taken on my Nokia N73 Music Edition:

Optimized Weblogs to render on little inches mobile web browser.How to view WalkerNews.net in Nokia N73 mobile web browser?

Google Reader For Mobile will automatically scaling weblogs to view on mobile web browsers, including the images!Using Google Reader For Mobile to instantly convert any weblogs into an optimized version for mobile devices.

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