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WordPress Is Not The Only CMS For Blog

To be frank, I merely know few CMS for weblogs; and I’ve only tried two of them, i.e. New Blogger (Blogspot) and now the famous WordPress of Automattic.

And today, an interesting post appears in the Dashboard awoke me from the after-lunch sleepy diagnosis!

Top CMS used by Technorati Top 100 weblogs

With reference to Technorati Top 100 most-linked-to weblogs as of Jan 2008, WordPress is the most popular CMS as 34 of those prominent bloggers are actually fans of Matt!

Movable Type is the second to follow, with 16 counts recorded. And the Google’s New Blogger (Blogspot) only has 6 blogs in the top 100 list!

Apart from project quality (in term of on-going development for bug fixing and enhancement, huge database of theme and plugin for extension), I believe that the merit of open source and free-of-charge have perfectly made WordPress the favourite CMS!

But, as Movable Type 4 relicensed as free software on the year end of 2007 (under the GNU General Public License), will the number between first and second becomes closer by this year end?

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