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The Bomb Of Adsense Junk Makes Blog Suck

First of all, I know that WalkerNews.net is never a favourite blog of many. But, I do put in many efforts on this baby that serve as a backup of my experience in life and hopes that Adsense could bring me little bonus by year end.

In the meantime, I’m also happy to know that someone finds my blog useful; some readers also really kind to share more info on the topic that I’ve made – e.g. Guillaume, Johnny, Brian, CityShaman, Mroids…(Thank you!)
However, the no-so-good WalkerNews.net becomes worse when the Adsense junks appear every now and then.

I’m really frustrated to spot more and more LCPC junk ads in my Adsense code, like this picture showing here:

The LCPC Adsense junks all link to the MFA sites that are believed owned by the same advertiser!

There are links related to Antivirus software; 3 out of 4 seem to offer free software. But, all these 4 links are actually lead us to the same MFA site!

If you don’t mind to open up another web browser and browse to the URLs as those printed in the red-framed picture above, you’ll get the similar theme on all four links. Some of them are actually redirect to the domain named as meanwhile dot com!

Thus, I strongly believe that all these LCPC Adsense junks are owned by the same advertiser, so as the MFA sites referred! Don’t you feel weird?

From the publisher point of view, LCPC Adsense junks are nightmare. These junks not only make the site looks suck (or worse than it’s should be), but also lower down the potential earning and readers loyalty altogether!

Imaging a reader who click on the links that he found interesting, and disappointed by the MFA sites that lead him to nowhere – not to mention that he found nothing useful, but also emotional disturbed as he found himself lost in the links farm!

I bet that not many publishers dare to “browse” the Adsense ads showing in his/her site. But if you do, you might surprised by what your readers see or suddenly aware of what cause the earning drops so much suddenly!

P/S: See also how do I identify the LCPC Adsense junks and how to block LCPC ads with Adsense Competitive Ad Filter.

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  1. plop 27-01-08@01:16

    Actually – to increase traffic you should deal with more interesting topic and also more often.
    Try to find topic that deal with general problem – and bring it a new approach or a new solution.
    My 2 cents.

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