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What Is The 4D Number Of Election

I believe that everyone who can read has used a dictionary at least once. So, it’s not that difficult to understand what an ordinary dictionary meant for.

But, have you ever heard about 4D number or lotto game dictionary? I bet most of you not even if you’d bought 4D number or lotto game before!
This unusual dictionary is neither describes nor explains the literal meaning of terms related to lotto game. In fact, the dictionary translates words into a numeric number (usually 4-digit) that used to bet for 4D number and lotto game alike!
This lotto dictionary is well-known as “dream book” among the Chinese community. Most of these veteran players believe that every dreams they have or incidents that happen around them are the indication of luck to strike on the game, with the 4-digit number that represent the dream / incident!

For example, I found this interesting dictionary called Magnum 4D Treasure Chest – Translate your dreams, incidents, encounters and inspirations into lucky 4D numbers!

If you’re interested to know what are the lucky numbers that represent “election” related incidents, here is the result of Treasure Chest – there is about 13 numbers represent respective incidents related to the “election”!

Magnum Treasure Chest is not an ordinary dictionary - it is a lotto game dictionary!

Have you got one for today? I wish you Good luck!

Caution: Please be assured that the banker is always the winner!

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