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uTorrent Is Still My Favourite BitTorrent Client

My first experience of P2P network file sharing is with BitComet, a free BitTorrent client written in C++.

However, after found uTorrent by accident (yet is another BitTorrent client written in C++), I’ve been using this TINY file sharing client and never think of other alternative!

uTorrent is a tiny, green and free BitTorrent client of my choice.
The reasons to justify my preference to uTorrent:
  • It’s written in C++ programming – C++ coded program is well-known for stability and performance (subject to programmer skill)!
  • It’s a standalone BitTorrent client – no installation file, just double-click to run, (load Torrent file) and start to download from Torrent network!
  • Only 214KB, uTorrent is really tiny and fast – it’s written in C++ with custom-coded libraries and then compressed with UPX to bring the size down by about 50%!
    • uTorrent can works on a Intel 486 machine with Windows 95 and only 14MB of RAM – So, who said that your aging PC is useless at all?
    • uTorrent can run directly on USB thumb drive – simply copy the
      to the folder where uTorrent.exe is kept.
  • It’s green-ware – no worry of bundled adware!
  • uTorrent respect private flag embedded in .Torrent file – no worry of private .torrent leaked to the public eye!
  • uTorrent support UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)
  • Best of all, uTorrent is fully compatible with Windows Vista!

What else? Get one and try it yourself – the latest download is uTorrent 1.7.6 Stable, released on 15th of Jan 2008.

If you’ve more questions than those I’ve written down here, help yourself at uTorrent FAQ.

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    Is there any option in utorrent to shutdown when the all the downloading torrents are complete?

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