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Access Google Search In Other Local Domain

By default, Google.com will automatically redirect web browser with non-USA IP address to the Google at local domain (Google for your country), i.e. requester’s IP address in UK will get Google.co.uk, Australia will get Google.com.au, etc.

How could you access Google.com and not the Google at local domain, or to Google at other countries? Why you need to do so?
While you’re outside of USA, say e.g. at UK, you can get rid of “Google’s country redirection” by just clicking the “Go to Google.com” hyperlink (picture below, highlighted in blue colour).

Alternatively, user could Google without country redirection option (NCR) by entering the URL as http://www.google.com/ncr in web browser!

How to switch from Google at local domain to Google.com?

Why should you bother which Google Search version to use?

Here are my thoughts:

1) Each of the Google at local domain has an option (radio button) to search info that are most relevant to the local domains.

2) Likewise, the Google at local domain returns limited info, potentially skip some useful information hosted outside of local domains. For example, the search results of “daniel craig” differ from Google.com (Google without country redirection), Google.co.uk (using “The Web” option) and Google.co.uk (“Page From The UK” option selected).

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