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Elf Yourself Seasonal Greeting To Cheer Friends

When I was young and where Ecard was not exists, I used to sending a lot of seasonal greeting card to friends.

Even with discount on bulk buying, the sum including postage still cost a lot, and of course was far less attractive than Ecard that we have seen today!
Although the Christmas day has just passed, the New Year is coming next Tuesday!

So, if you’ve not sending any seasonal greeting to friends,

if you’re thinking of making fun with colleague or beloved,

or if you’re thinking of sending another free-of-charge and funny Ecard to people who you know, I recommend you to elf yourself or elf your friends / colleagues / bosses at elfyourself.com!

Elf Yourself seasonal greeting to cheer friend!

As shown here, famous comedian Jim Carrey, Steve Martin and Mr Bean, elf themselves to cheer fans!

How to elf yourself?

Don’t worry about “cutting” the portrait nicely, just upload a JPEG photo of less than 2MB, and then use its interactive web interface to rotate, resize and shape the elf-ed portrait!

If you’ve guts, elf your bosses and send out the link to everyone in company email, represent them to greet every co-worker a (belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Have fun :-)

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  1. Noreen Slater 05-11-08@23:49

    This Elf Yourself is great. It said it was created by Office Max. My friends and I want to know if it is possible to have it as an application on Facebook. Is so cool and so popular already just from a few of us doing and sneding some. I await your reply. Many thanks.

  2. Walker 06-11-08@02:01

    Good day, I’m not the one who create this Elf Yourself game and certainly haven’t find a Facebook game of this kind.

    If someone who read this has idea, please share.

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