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How To Identify LCPC Junk Ads

If your Adsense earning per day drop suddenly while the site traffic remains stable or even on the uptrend, most likely there are too many junk ads appear on your account!

How to identify Adsense junk ads
Junk ads used to be low-cost-per-click (LCPC) ads that lead readers to made-for-ads (MFA) websites which are 99.99% classified as link farm, splog, nonsense, etc.

Adsense junk ads usually lead the readers to a website that sharing one or more of these characteristics:
  1. With a zero Google Pagerank – install Google Toolbar (bundled with Google Pack freeware) for Firefox or IE to check Pagerank of website in real-time.
    Google Pack includes Google Toolbar that can check a website Pagerank in real-time.
  2. With a really simple and plain web template / theme design – the web design looks like a homework of novice who have just completed the first day of web development course.
  3. There is no About or Contact page that can convince readers about the site history or trustworthy value.
  4. Redirect readers to another URL that is different from the URL shown in the ads.
  5. The same web theme / template used among few tens of URLs that own by the same entity! For example, the MeanWhile dot com associated URLs listed in my Competitive Ad Filter.
  6. Made-for-ads (MFA) link farm – full of ads and links that point visitors to other less popular websites.
  7. URL with misspell word (e.g affiliate as affilate, junction as junktion, etc), long domain name and/or with dash symbol, etc.
Other than these manual ways to identify LCPC junk ads, there is a web service that used to automatically and directly update the list of junk ads in your Adsense account!

Once the LCPC junks are identified, use the FOC Adsense Competitive Ad Filter to blacklist or block them from appearing!

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