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AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget For New Blogger

Similar to Alex King’s ShareThis, AddThis is also a social bookmarking widget used to share and promote articles.

However, I find that the AddThis widget loads faster and more responsive than ShareThis. In addition, the AddThis JavaScript snippet is 100% compatible with New Blogger template!

AddThis social bookmarking is truly compatible with New Blogger template, works well with WordPress template and support most HTML websites.

Unlike having to tweak ShareThis snippet for New Blogger template, you can certainly copy and save the generated AddThis snippet without any errors!

(If you’re not comfortable with tweaking ShareThis JavaScript, AddThis is definitely easier and better choice!)

Of course, AddThis works well with WordPress plugin too! On top of that, it also supports TypePad, Old Blogger, HTML website, etc. Best of all, there is free statistics for publishers to track down their readers activities on the websites.

Currently, AddThis widget comes with two function modes – a static button or drop-down menu for social bookmarking function.

The default (not customizable) drop-down menu includes these most popular social bookmarking web services:

Browser bookmark, Digg, Facebook, Windows Live, FURL, Ask.com, Del.icio.us, Google Bookmark, Reddit, Yahoo MyWeb, StumbleUpon, and a More option to open a pop-up window (similar to the static button version) with more social bookmarking sites icon.

[ Generate AddThis social bookmarking widget ]
[ Download AddThis WordPress plugin (Down-drop version 1.2) ]

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